领导才能培训项目, 报名已满!












除课上培训之外,课后还为每一个学员配备了有丰富的领导及管理经验的辅导导师(mentor),这些辅导导师均是来自于本地政府,工程,银行,制造,金融、IT、和企业咨询管理等相关领域的资深高级管理人员包括CEO, 高级副总裁,高级经理和总监等。这些辅导导师会针对提高学员领导力方面进行为期两个月的一对一的辅导和秘诀传授。学员可以在导师的指导和启发下于今后的工作中不断提高领导才能。

CPAC 领导力培训项目开办七年来,已经帮助了超过100名学员从技术工作晋升到了管理层的职位,从初级的管理层的职位晋升到了更高一级的管理层的职位。深受学员的好评和赞赏,毕业学员赞此项目为专业人士加国职场晋升加速器

CPAC 为毕业学员还成立了CPAC领袖俱乐部,各届学员毕业后自动成为领袖俱乐部的会员。俱乐部定期给会员组织学习和活动,历届学员在一起不但可以互相学习,继续提高,还可以扩展自己的人际网路。CPAC领袖俱乐部不对外招收会员,会员全部都是CPAC 领导力培训项目的毕业生。



  • 要有一定的初级管理技能
  • 要有较好的英语沟通能力
  • 要有三年以上的加拿大本地工作经验

此项目价值$7500因有TD Canada TrustCPAC共同资助学员可以节省$6000以上。


时间:每周六 9:30am—4:30pm


  • 会员价:$1195加税;
  • 非会员:$1395加税

上课地点:CPAC 理事会会议室; 4150 Finch Ave E. Toronto, Ontario M1S 3T9


联系人: Lily He, 电话:416-298-7885 ext. 103, 邮箱:lily.he@cpac-canada.ca


CPAC leadership program has been one of the most enjoyable and valuable courses I have taken in a long time. The program consists of 6 days of concise leadership/ management training seminars on weekends, with 2 months of mentorship and ongoing alumni networking activities afterwards. The instructors are top-notch and knowledgeable experts in the areas. Classmates are professionals with impressive backgrounds and fun to work with. Staffs are supportive and helpful. I make a lot of new friends through the program. The environment is friendly and safe for us to develop our leadership skills. I already feel inspired after the seminars, and I am looking forward to growth in the long run. I will definitely recommend my friends and relatives to join the program. (Eric Tse)

If you want to become a leader, the CPAC-TD leadership program will guide you onto the right path. If you are already a leader, the program will improve your leadership skills, identify your leadership style and lead you to the next level. (Daniel Zhu)

CPAC-TD Leadership Development Program is an unexpectedly amazing training program for professionals. I didn’t recognize its value when I registered for the program. After six well organized workshops completed did I realized how lucky I was. I happened to come across the right person at the right time to get me enrolled in this fabulous program. The high calibre trainers, dynamic classmates, the passionate and responsible organizer made the program a success. Through this program I learned useful knowledge, built good network, joined the wonderful club. For me, it is a great opportunity to broaden my vision, make new friends and enrich my life experience. I hope more and more people can benefit from this program. (Linda Liu)

The CPAC-TD Leadership Program came into my life when I was struggling personally and professionally. The topics and materials of the program were well chosen and I believe the contents of this program are the key to our future success. As if it was specially designed for me, this program greatly improved my communication skills, cleared away my confusions, boosted my confidence, and really, increased my life satisfaction and raised my long term expectation – It brought real life-changing benefits to me! I definitely recommend anyone who‘d like to increase their future potential to attend. (Yong Cao)

This program not only provides a powerful experience of leadership, teamwork and communication, but also offers access to a network of instructors, mentors and students. This network can be very helpful for job search, career development, business relationship building, as well as acquiring expertise outside my current field. I can confidently say that this program was one of the best choices I have made. I have found the right program and the right instructors. (Julie Wang)

Communication and relationship-building are key management elements in developing leadership skills. I really appreciate the Leadership Development Program for giving me opportunity to learn these skills and since then I have increased my confidence in managing conflict, building good relationship and enhance participation. Thanks CPAC! (Sharon Yang)

Participation in the CPAC Leadership Development program has been proven to be a wise decision.
The content rich six sessions delivered by accredited speakers and coachers widened my view and equipped me with practical tools to apply in daily workplace and personal life. Meanwhile, I was also amazed by the quality of participants in this program and enjoyed every moment spent there.(Amelia Li)

I highly recommend the CPAC Leadership Development Program because it not only addresses the common challenges faced by all career-oriented professionals but also provides meaningful tools and systematic approaches to tackle the challenges. All workshops are led by expert instructors who brought highly valuable insights from their own professional experiences. Plus, with the help from the sponsor (TD), the cost of the program compared to other professional associations or network event I attended, is surprisingly affordable at this quality level. It was also a great opportunity to expand my professional network and make friends. In a word, with my view, it’s one of the most cost-effective programs delivered by CPAC and it truly benefits the community in a long run.  Last but not the least, I have to say “thank you” to all the like-minded classmates, volunteers and snack sponsors. Without you, the workshop could never be the same. And of course, thank you, Lily, for all the efforts and time you’ve put in to this program. (Joyce Ren)