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How to manage conflict in the workplace

By CPAC | 2015-09-09

The 14th CPAC Professionals Day and Job Fair will be held on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015 at Armenian Youth Centre (50 Hallcrown Place, Toronto, ON M2J 1P6). The free event…

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Get Inspired by Accomplished Professionals and Explore Job Opportunities with Employers at Professionals Day 2015

By CPAC | 2015-09-09

Professionals Day 2015 is a full day career development conference featuring inspiring key presentations and breakout sessions on various career and professional development topics, and a job fair with dozens…

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2015 CPAC Professionals Day & Job Fair Volunteer Wanted

By CPAC | 2015-09-02

2015 CPAC Professionals Day & Job Fair will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at Armenian Youth Centre IN North York. We are looking for flexible and detail-oriented volunteers…

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CPAC Hosts Professionals Day 2015 – Day to include Encounter Job Fair

By CPAC | 2015-09-01

September 1st, TORONTO –The 14th CPAC Professionals Day and Job Fair will be held on Saturday, September 26th, 2015 at Armenian Youth Centre, announced Mr. Andi Shi, Executive Director of…

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Enlight Seminar: How to become a CPA?

By CPAC | 2015-08-04

Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) are Canada’s trusted business leaders. They are highly valued for their financial expertise, strategic thinking, business insight, management skills and leadership. The CPA Certification Program is…

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Employers and Exhibitors Needed at CPAC Job Fair in September!

By CPAC | 2015-07-15

CPAC will host a job fair in September. CPAC Job Fair is an annual career and professional development event for people with various professional backgrounds including youth educated in Canada…

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Enlight Leadership Empowerment

By CPAC | 2015-06-24

Why is leadership important? Why not just focus on doing your work and running the company and quit worrying about all this leadership stuff? Simple: This is the age of…

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Connecting Communities Networking Mixer 2015

By CPAC | 2015-06-17

Hosted by Young Professionals Division of CPAC, Enlight, Baystreet, and UTCAA  “Connecting Communities” Open House is the Power Mixer experience to amplify your personal circles of influence.  Bringing together leading…

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Enlight to Host CFA Workshop on June 7

By CPAC | 2015-05-27

Young Professionals Division of CPAC, Enlight has invited experienced CFAs to share their knowledge on a CFA designation. It will undoubtedly help you to have an inside look at the…

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本周六跑男来袭 -CPAC青年团Enlight 携手NHC, UTCAA 承袭跑男热潮席卷多伦多

By CPAC | 2015-04-29

喜欢看韩国综艺节目running man?还在盼着奔跑吧兄弟快快更新? 在“跑男”热火朝天之际,你是否渴望能转换身份,从默默无闻的旁观者变为跃跃欲试的参与者。猫了一整个冬季,是时候走出家门,酣畅淋漓地拥抱阳光了。5月23日,Enlight,NHC和 UTCAA将风靡亚洲的“跑男”活动带到多村。届时,将有超过百名的青年才俊同场比拼,展计谋,秀体力。 你将和你的队友并肩奋斗,在场馆曲曲折折的通道里展开风风火火的追逐战,在天马行空的游戏关卡中扛住火力全开的神经战,甚至在“恶意满满”的策划编排下,被突如其来的谍战弄得焦头烂额。在这个连主办方也无法预计游戏走势的竞技里,你才是命运的书写者。 这个夏天,“跑男”火热来袭,不来撕名牌,你就真的“OUT”了!还在犹豫什么,赶快来报名吧!这个夏天,用青春的热忱点燃竞技的快乐! 报名网址:http://runningmannhcenlightutcaa.eventbrite.ca 活动预告片:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9Qxd-C1Jqk   Copyright © 2015 Enlight-CPAC, All rights reserved.  

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