InnoVision 2023

ChatGPT and AI: The Present, Future and Industrial Applications

About the InnoVision

The InnoVision summit annual innovation themed public event aimed at highlighting the newest advancements in science and technology that will revolutionize our lives. The audience are professionals, businesspeople, academics, students, tech enthusiasts and other individuals who are interested in exploring and learning about emerging trends. The objective of the summit is to enlighten the audience on how the world, their workplaces and their lives are being impacted by the newest developments in science and technology, so that they can be inspired, envision possibilities, and make informed decisions about their career, business and life.

InnoVision 2023

The subject of InnoVision 2023 is, ChatGPT and AI: The Present, Future and Industrial Applications. This rare gathering of three top experts in cyberspace across the globe will provide the audience with an in-depth look at all important facets of artificial intelligence and its latest star product, ChatGPT. This broad as well as deep exploration of AI and its past, present and future is aimed to present knowledge and insights that benefit not only the general public and business interests, but also knowledgeable academics and professionals in the AI field. (This event will be conducted in Chinese).

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