Last three spots, first come, first served! Industry veterans offer one-on-one mentoring


The CPAC-RBC Youth Mentorship Program is designed to support young individuals aged 21 to 35 by providing them with valuable insights into the Canadian workplace. Through the guidance and advice of established professionals (mentors), participants will gain essential job search and soft skills, while also seeking opportunities for professional employment aligned with their training. This program goes beyond traditional mentorship by incorporating employment counselling and systemic skills training, empowering the participants (mentees) to kickstart their careers in Canada.

CPAC has a proven track record of successfully delivering mentoring programs for over 15 years. With a vast network of over 600 established professional mentors, who generously volunteer their time, we have been assisting new professionals in getting established in their respective fields. Our program caters to applicants from various professions, including Accounting, Engineering, IT, Banking, Financial Industry, Marketing, and many more.

Our mentors encompass a diverse range of professions and expertise, including:

  • IT Department Director
  • Software Engineer
  • IT Security Officer
  • Director of Analytics
  • Data Analyst
  • Senior Risk Management Managers
  • Investment Banking Manager
  • Branch Managers of the Banks
  • Auditing Manager and Tax Specialist
  • Senior Tax Specialist
  • Senior Auditing Manager
  • Senior Tax Manager
  • Senior Accounting Manager
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Structural Engineer
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Environment Engineers

              …and more.

Program Components:

  • Mentoring by established professionals (12 weeks)
  • Training in effective communication skills
  • One-on-one employment counselling
  • Job search workshops
  • Resume writing and interview preparation with an experienced career coach
  • Internship and work placement opportunities
  • Networking opportunities with employers
  • Connection with professional associations

Program Eligibility:

• Age: 21 to 35

• Immigrants / Newcomers

• Graduated from college or university

• CLB level 7 or above

• Legally entitled to work in Canada

Contact Person: Lily

Phone Number: (416)-298-7885 x103


If you are interested in the program, you can also download the application form from the link: Mentee-Application-Form.docx