CPAC有600多名各个行业的资深在职导师可以为学员提供义务就业辅导并为其职业发展方向提供咨询。 上几届很多学员已成功被著名的大公司聘用, 其中包括RBC,CIBC,BMO,Bell Canada,可口可乐公司, PwC,KPMG 等。



  • 正在寻找工程、会计、IT及金融等工作的求职者


  • 年龄在21岁至35岁正在找专业工作的年轻人
  • 新移民或来自移民家庭的年轻人
  • 留学生
  • 大学本科或大专毕业
  • 语言测试CLB 7级或以上
  • 有在加拿大合法的工作许可


联系人:Margaret Zou

咨询电话:416-298-7885 转 105





I am very thankful that CPAC acts as a bridge to connect newcomers with resources and opportunities that enable them to start a new life here. As a participant of the mentorship program, I want to share my experience about mentoring. My mentor is very experienced in providing guidance and advice on job search and interview preparations. I have learned how to grasp the key points in a job posting and how to act professionally at virtual interviews. My mentor took time out of his busy schedule in order to prepare me for the final round of interview. Thanks to my mentor Kevin Chen, I finally succeeded in starting my career in Canada.

      ---- Cecilia

"The CPAC-RBC program was a beam of light in my job search as it introduced me to new people and enabled me to start networking. It was through networking that I was able to obtain an interview that eventually led to my employment. My mentor was instrumental in guiding me to present my qualifications and handle challenges effectively in the job search process. I really appreciate CPAC staff for the hard work and help me. They were pivotal to my success in finding employment in Canada."


"In the CPAC-RBC Mentoring Program, I learned how to write a CV effectively by using point forms and proper formats; I improved my interview skills and performance through working with my mentor. More importantly, I gained a better understanding of myself and became confident in my abilities. Thanks to the guidance and support from CPAC staff as well as my mentor, I was able to achieve the goals I set for myself."


"The CPAC-RBC Mentoring Program opened up my mind and changed my thinking. I learned to be more confident in myself and trust my own capabilities. Also, I learned how to build and develop my network as well as writing effective resumes and perform best at interviews. Especially, I benefitted a lot from the guidance and help from my mentor throughout my job search. She helped me choose the right job and adapt to the new work environment. Thank you CPAC for this amazing program."