East and Southeast Asian Canadian Experiences in Ontario Education

The purpose of this study is to examine how East and Southeast Asian Canadian histories, experiences and contributions are reflected in the Ontario Grade 7-12 curriculum. It also seeks to understand educators’ perspectives and concerns, identify barriers to implementing an inclusive curriculum, and to explore the needed resources and support for curriculum development and delivery that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.


Representation of Chinese Canadian Leadership in the Greater Toronto Area

This study is the first of its kind that identifies the representation of Chinese Canadians in senior leadership positions in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada’s largest metropolitan area with the most ethnically diverse population and workforce. This study also explores the observations and insights of Chinese Canadian leaders on their leadership journeys – the barriers and obstacles they have to overcome, the impact of systemic racism and personal biases on their career advancement, and possible strategies at the government and organizational levels to remove barriers and enhance workplace equity, diversity and inclusion.

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