User Experience Design Consultation for Online Learning Tools, Prosper Canada

The Opportunity

Target start date: September 1st, 2022

Target completion date: November 15th, 2022 Budget ceiling: $30,000 CAD before tax

Prosper Canada is seeking the support of an experienced User Experience (UX) designer or agency to conduct a user experience audit and make recommendations to enhance our online learning and content platforms to make these more helpful and navigable for our diverse stakeholders, including people living on low incomes, community agency partners and frontline practitioners, and researchers and policymakers from the broader Financial Empowerment field.

The successful candidate will review our existing sites, materials, goals, and intended user groups, and help us with recommendations on:

  • How to clearly differentiate our various tools and resources, both from a navigation and site design perspective, so that each user group can easily access the resources that meet their needs without being distracted by the resources that are not relevant for them.
  • How to develop a compelling and seamless experience for users who may be accessing our tools (from different microsites or platforms, including our corporate site Prosper) and resources, including suggestions to refine and build a more cohesive and consistent look and feel between the tools.

Current Issues

Many of our learning resources and training materials have been developed as part of one-off funding, often meaning that they have been developed in isolation of the other tools that exist. This means that we have many tools and resources available to meet multiple different learning needs for multiple different user types, but lack a clear and simple way for users to navigate to the resources that are appropriate to them. An experienced UX information architect is necessary to reorganize the online tools and resource content to be easily accessible to specific user groups and to help streamline navigation across different microsites and third-party platforms.

The tools and resources that are in scope for this audit are as follows:

Prosper Canada Learning Hub: The Learning Hub is Prosper Canada’s website for knowledge sharing and resource dissemination. This site sees about 2000 new visitors, and about 800 return visitors as per data average from last four quarters. It is accessed by multiple user groups, including frontline practitioners, program managers, researchers, and policymakers. Users have an option to create a free membership account to activate additional features – about 40 to 80 new users sign up per quarter.

Users currently have difficulty locating resources of relevance due to the vast variety and amount of content (this includes but is not limited to a resource catalogue, practitioner/manager resource toolkits, webinar and conference recordings, and a directory of community organizations). We also wish to be able to direct users to learning and training engagements, such as webinars and online courses, more seamlessly through the Learning Hub. Currently, these engagements and other tools are hosted on other platforms and websites (as outlined below). We believe user experience can be improved and uptake of the resources can be increased through changes to the site architecture and navigation flow. We currently use WordPress as the content management system for the Learning Hub.

Prosper Canada online training website: Our online training website is built on the Thinkific l online learning platform. Users can enroll or register for trainings and workshops we offer. Trainings are often delivered through a series of interactive modules.

  • Online courses are administered also through the Thinkific learning management system. Courses are mostly self-directed, available for registration on demand, and are primarily geared towards frontline practitioners.
  • Workshops are hosted and administered through the Webex Workshops are facilitated and interactive, are offered periodically (e.g. once every three months) and geared towards frontline practitioners. Workshops are promoted through the training website with a link to the registration page engineered by Webex.. For reference, you can view an example workshop description webpage and its example workshop registration page.

Prosper Canada webinars: Webinars are delivered and targeted for various audience groups with the most common audience being staff working in the financial empowerment and community services sector. We promote upcoming webinars through our social channels, mailing lists, and through the Events page on the Prosper Canada corporate website. For reference, you can view an example webinar promotion email/webpage and its example webinar registration page. Webinars are hosted and administered through the GoToWebinar platform. After the webinar event, recordings can be accessed via the Prosper Canada YouTube channel, shared via our corporate website Resources page, or the Learning Hub webinar page. Post webinar communications with attendees are performed through mailchimp Currently, there is no calendar for future webinar registration, but we believe this might be a valuable feature to boost registrations.

Online tools: Prosper Canada has developed the following tools to assist people living on low and moderate incomes to access resources and information relevant to their needs.

  • Trove: This tool contains financial tools, worksheets, and educational information to help Canadians take control of their finances.
    • This tool was designed for social works to support their client and to used help
    • Canadians take control of their
    • Some of resources found in this environment include my money in Canada and Benefit way finder
    • It will be practical to investigate if this resource does not overlap with our contents in order tools
    • RDSP calculators is not managed by us, it will be good to clarify if the location and display is effective
  • Benefits wayfinder: This tool helps people living on low incomes find government benefits that they are eligible for, but not receiving.
  • My Money in Canada: This is a self-directed learning site to help people learn the basics of money management and the financial system in Canada.
  • RDSP calculator: This tool can help people see how much money they could save through the Registered Disability Savings Program.

Prosper Canada website (resource section only): This is a subsection of the Prosper Canada corporate website that links to our publications, our online tools, the Learning Hub, and other resources. We are looking for a more effective way to display the material in this page to orient different audience groups to relevant content.

Contemplated Implementation Plan

We are open to approaches suggested by the successful candidate, but at present the work of the UX designer will involve the following:

  • Meet with relevant functional teams (Learning and Training, Information Systems, Program Delivery and Integration, and Marketing and Communications) to assess operational requirements and align on a focus for the UX work. We shall require at least three meeting during this UX audit:
    • Kick off meeting, with full Prosper Canada Project team
    • an interim meeting, as a mid-project update
    • a meeting to share final recommendation with key project members
  • Perform user engagement sessions and incorporate feedback and solutions into final recommendations
  • Review Prosper Canada’s websites, tools, and resources to understand existing functionality and content
  • Provide specific and implementable recommendations, in the form of a report with example site mockups (e.g., in Figma or wireframes) to help users better access the tools and resources that meet their unique needs.


The final deliverables for this work will be a list of recommendations in the form of a written report, accompanied by wireframes and other visual examples of recommendation implementation, that help us:

  • Clearly differentiate our various tools and resources, both from a navigation and site design perspective, so that each user group can easily access the resources that meet their needs without being distracted by the resources that are not relevant for them.
  • Develop a compelling and seamless experience for users who may be using the Prosper Canada Learning Hub, online training website, online tools, and resources, including suggestions to refine and build a more cohesive and consistent look and feel between the tools.
  • Suggest a phased approach for implementation of recommendations, outlining projected time and resource investment for each phase.

About Prosper Canada

Founded in 1986, Prosper Canada is a national charity dedicated to expanding economic opportunity for Canadians living in poverty through program and policy innovation. As Canada’s leading national champion of financial empowerment, we work with governments, businesses, and community groups to develop and promote financial policies, programs, and resources that transform lives and foster the prosperity of all Canadians. Our aim is to ensure that all financially vulnerable Canadians have access to the financial policies, programs, products, and advice they need to build their financial wellbeing.

Proposal Instructions

Please send proposal in PDF format to davidike@prospercanada,org by end of day on Monday August 19, 2022, and include ‘“Response to RFP” in the subject line.

Please include the following in your proposal:

  • Proposed project plan
  • Itemized project budget
  • Your approach to the website UX design audit
  • Details regarding your website UX audit project management process
  • A summary of UX audit development
  • Examples of past work
  • Identify who will be involved on your project team, including their relevant experience and credentials. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for 1-hour meeting to discuss the details of their proposal.

We may also ask you to provide past client references at this stage. We shall answer any questions you may have, then walk you through our current functional version of each tool. After our meeting you will have the opportunity to make modifications to your original proposal, after which we shall decide on successful candidate. If you need any questions answered prior to sending proposals, please call or email us to schedule a 30-minute meeting at your earliest convenience.

Please direct all correspondence to:

David Ike

Senior Officer, Program Delivery and Integration, Prosper Canada