CPAC联手Seneca学院,雇主(50个水管公司)和其他的培训机构共同举办 “水管工学徒培训项目”, 帮助年轻人进入水管工行业及开始一个高薪职业。


  • 主要课程 – 水管工初级培训(306A)
  • 副科培训 – 初级电工介绍(建筑和维护309A)
  • 技工相关沟通培训及高中数学复习
  • 行业安全和急救培训(四个上岗需要的安全证书)
  • 找工培训、帮助寻找工作
  • 八周带薪实习机会


  • 加拿大公民或永久居民
  • 加拿大高中毕业文凭;或是本地或海外大学/大专毕业文凭
  • 海外毕业人士,英语CLB 5级以上
  • 保证完成18个星期的全日制上课




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This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.



"If you're pursuing a career in the trades, prioritize reaching out to CPAC's dedicated staff. Their seamless support and guidance make for a smooth transition into the trades. Led by experienced instructors and industry professionals, the CPAC program provides essential knowledge and hands-on experience. With extensive training, safety certifications, and trade tools, CPAC prepares you for the job market and connects you with a vast employer network. Choose CPAC for a successful and fulfilling trade career."

----Shai Sakal, Pre-Apprenticeship Plumbing Program Participant

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to join CPAC's pre-apprenticeship plumbing program in Ontario. The support and guidance provided by CPAC have been invaluable in building my new career as a newcomer to the province. The program's knowledgeable instructors and professional team offer a wealth of resources. One impressive aspect is the comprehensive approach, with training content applicable to various trades, providing a broad set of skills and knowledge. The program's inclusivity, offering free training and paid placements, removes financial barriers and promotes equal opportunities. I extend my sincere gratitude to Lily and instructor Kenny for their dedication and support. I hope more people can benefit from this exceptional program and contribute to building a better Canada together!"

----Sherlock Liu, Pre-Apprenticeship Plumbing Program Participant

"I’ve always wanted to be a skilled trade person but I tried so hard without success to find an employer who is willing to sponsor someone like me with no experience to be an apprentice. Fortunately, I learned about the CPAC plumbing pre-apprenticeship program and joined it. The program has everything I need to start my apprenticeship – knowledgeable instructors, program staff, health and safety training, plumbing tools, more importantly the connections to employers through placement.  Thanks to the program I’ve finally become a plumbing apprentice and on the track to be a real plumber in the future."

----Zannian Chen

"Through the CPAC program I really got the help to be exposed to the electrical work and skills in a short amount of time. I learned a lot about how to be professional and deal with workplace situations this program. The program also give me a chance to be able to get experience in electrical so I can now apply for an apprenticeship program. I'm truly honored and happy to have been here because it's a life changing experience."

----Shamar P

"Being new to the country and not knowing where to start, CPAC made it much easier for me personally. This program was very well organized from the beginning to the end and prepared for us an amazing career path. Thank you for having such a great program where a work placement is included and we had the chance to show our skills. I would like also to mention the social part of this program which gave me a chance to meet, work, learn and have a lots of fun from this diverse group of people."

----Adriatik L.