About CPAC Institute



The CPAC Institute will be launched in the summer/fall of 2021 as a new initiative following CPAC's new strategic direction.

In its long history of serving the community of internationally educated professionals, CPAC has always played a role in representing the interests and being a voice of the immigrant community.  In response to a growing need and desire for real progress in racial equity, diversity and inclusion in our society, CPAC Institute was conceived and is being prepared for launch.


To facilitate understanding and address systemic barriers to racial equity, diversity and inclusion in Canadian society by carrying out research, education, training and other collaborating activities.


A leading advocate for an inclusive Canadian society where people of all backgrounds are respected and equitably represented.

Supporting Us

The operation of CPAC Institute relies on donor support. If you share our vision and would like to see real progress in our society in terms of equity, diversity and inclusion, please make a donation today to enable us to do the work we are inspired to do.

Your donation will help make a difference for us now and for our children in the future.

Thank you.

Contact Us

CPAC Institute:
4150 Finch Ave. E., Toronto, Ontario
Canada M1S 3T9

E-mail: kate.zhang@cpac-canada.ca
Tel: 416-298-7885 Ext.113


The Asian Gold Ribbon campaign is a platform developed for social change through initiating wide-spread visibility against anti-Asian hate and racism in Canada and around the globe. The AGR campaign supports Asian mental health and wellbeing, amplifies Asian voices, and educates to raise awareness, with a focus on yellow pride and the beauty of Asian culture and heritage.