CPAC, formerly Chinese Professionals Association of Canada, is a not-for-profit organization serving the community of internationally educated professionals. For three decades, CPAC has been advocating for and assisting immigrant professionals with their credential recognition, cultural integration, licensure, skills upgrading, employment, professional and leadership development, networking and accessing international business opportunities.

With its new strategic direction, CPAC has in recent years focused more and more on human rights, equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism and other issues important to Asian Canadians, with the goal of achieving the full potential of a diverse and inclusive Canadian society.

The organization now has over 30,000 members from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds with a wide range of professional training and skills. CPAC members have access to a comprehensive package of services and benefits to enhance their life in Canada.

CPAC Training

CPAC Training offers career counselling, employment assistance, knowledge and skills bridging training, mentorship, seminars and workshops, job fairs, professional groups and more for internationally educated professionals. The purpose is to upgrade their knowledge and skills, get the necessary certificates, and find professional employment in their field of expertise. CPAC also provides leadership training for professionals from immigrant communities.

CPAC Institute

CPAC Institute is the think tank that conducts research, education and training regarding issues important to Asian Canadians, with the objective of facilitating understanding and address systemic barriers to equity, diversity and inclusion in Canadian society.

CPAC Enlight

CPAC Enlight is the Young Professionals Division serving members 35 years old and under. It focuses on organizing networking events and career development seminars and conferences to “fuel” the next generation of members for success.

CPAC Foundation

CPAC Foundation is a registered charity that raises funds and work with CPAC on career services for immigrants and advocacy on issues important to Asian Canadians, including human rights, equity, diversity, inclusion and elimination of racism.

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4150 Finch Ave E. Toronto, ON M1S 3T9
Tel: 1-416-298-7885 Ext.101
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Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 10:00am-6:00pm

Mission Statement

CPAC is a training, education and independent research organization, serving immigrant professionals and advocating on issues important to Chinese Canadians, with the goal of achieving the full potential of a diverse and inclusive Canadian society.


A leading advocate for an inclusive Canadian society where people of all backgrounds are equally respected and equitably represented.

Core Values
Professionalism – To perform with the highest standard
Volunteerism – To serve with no expectation of reward
Integrity – To behave with honesty and moral uprightness
Respect – To have due regard for others and their feelings, wishes, rights and customs

Together, we define the future

Objectives (as defined in Constitution)
To provide opportunities for interaction and networking among Canadian Professionals;
To help members integrate into and contribute to Canadian society;
To facilitate members’ career and professional development;
To provide training, employment, settlement, education, culture and recreational services to internationally trained professionals and families;
To be a national voice and a representative of the Canadian immigrant community.


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