Support research, education, training and advocacy initiatives to advance racial equity and combat anti-Asian racism.

For A Better Tomorrow


Our ancestors first came to this land in 1788, before millions of Europeans

Many came in the 1850s, before Confederation

We built the railroad that helped unite and save Confederation, while losing hundreds of lives

Many relied on our Indigenous brothers and sisters to survive

We fought for Canada before Canada recognized us as citizens, while losing more lives

We were this nation's builders

Yet our heads were taxed, we were excluded, and we were forgotten


We were resilient, and we survived

We are now workers, soldiers, scientists, business leaders and philanthropists

Yet we are still not fully accepted


We were the Yellow Peril

Now the Perpetual Foreigners


We have been the "model minority," weaponized against other groups - when convenient

Blamed and scapegoated - when convenient

Attacked, assaulted, yelled at, spat on and vilified - when convenient, such as during the pandemic


We have been silent for over two centuries

We can be silent no more


It's time we are seen and heard

Time to claim our full place in this country

Time to raise our voice for equity, diversity and inclusion

And demand our dignity and everyone’s full participation


So please support CPAC

To be your voice

To tell our own stories and write our own history

Break biases, stereotypes, and glass ceilings

And pave new possibilities

For a better version of Canada

Where we are no longer bound by stereotypes

Our children are not treated with prejudices

And everyone can dream to be a CEO or a prime minister


Support CPAC

For its research-based advocacy

Anti-racism education

And leadership training for Asian Canadians


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For a better tomorrow

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All efforts make a difference


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What We Do

Advocacy: We call on leaders, governments and members of society to take actions against all forms of racism, particularly anti-Asian racism, through letters, petitions, statements, meetings, campaigns and other actions.

Research: We conduct research and publish reports on issues concerning Chinese and Asian Canadians, such as equity, diversity & inclusion, systemic racism, equal access, human rights, and social wellbeing.

Training: We develop and collaborate with others to provide training on equity, diversity & inclusion, anti-racism and anti-oppression, civic leadership, and running for public office.

Public Education:  We produce seminars, workshops, information materials and other tools to assist community members in combating racism.



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