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Centennial Remembrance of Chinese Exclusion Act

Keynote speech by Dr. Tim Stanley, professor emeritus of University of Ottawa

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CPAC Anti-Racism Webinars

In response to the recent rise of anti-Asian racism during the Covid-19 pandemic, CPAC has presented a series of educational webinars to help the community understand and better deal with various forms of racial discrimination, harassment and attacks.

The recordings of these workshops are now ready for viewing. We encourage you to share the links with your friends and colleagues, so that more people may benefit from the information and practical advices. When acting to end racism, every effort counts.


1.Visible and Invisible Forms of Racism

Presenter: Teresa Woo-Paw

This seminar uncovers some deeply hidden history of racism against Chinese in Canada and discusses the many overt and covert forms of racism and their impact on the Chinese Canadian community as they manifest on the street, in the workplace, and in our school system. Specifically, this interactive webinar covers the following important topics:
  • A Brief History and Manifestation of Racism in Canada
  • Multiculturalism: its original intent
  • Concepts and Examples Related to Racism
    -prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination, racial discrimination, microaggression
    -individual and systemic/institutionalized racism
    -biases and misconceptions                                                 -
  • Manifestations of Racism in the Workplace – Human Resource practices, glass and bamboo ceilings, underrepresentation and over-representation
  • Manifestations of Racism in Education – underrepresentation, omissions, and exclusion; beliefs and practices; stereotyping and bias; micro-aggression and bullying

Presenter:  Teresa Woo-Paw

Ms. Teresa Woo-Paw is the first Asian Canadian woman elected to the Calgary Board of Education and the Alberta Legislature where she served as a Cabinet Minister.

Teresa was appointed as the Chair of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation in 2019 and is currently Chair of ACCT Foundation, Co-Chair of Asian Heritage Foundation, Chair of the Eco-Village of Hope, Board Member of Calgary Arts Foundation, Honorary member of the Korean Women’s Association and the Malaysian Singapore Brunei Cultural Association. She is also the founder of the Ethnocultural Council of Calgary (Action Dignity) and the Calgary Chinese Community Service Association, and the President of Teresa Woo-Paw & Associates Ltd.

Teresa is a tireless advocate for diversity, inclusion and civic participation. As a consultant, she has provided diversity training for the Cultural Diversity Institute, the Calgary health region, United Way of Calgary, the Red Cross, Calgary Board of Education, the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, and the Calgary Immigrant Aid Society.


Presenter: Fo Niemi

Topics of this seminar include:

  • Racial harassment scenarios and strategies to respond
    -Taking a bus
    -Working in a hospital
    -Walking in your neighborhood
    -Queuing to pay in a drug store
    -Shopping in a grocery store
  • Race-motivated violence and racial harassment
    -Racial harassment
    -Criminal harassment
  • Practical tips for your own personal safety and that of others
    -What to do
    -What not to do
  • Lessons in survival and empowerment

Presenter: Fo Niemi

Mr. Fo Niemi is Executive Director of the Montreal-based Center for Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR). Over the years, he has also held numerous part-time positions, including Commissioner with the Quebec Human Rights Commission (1991-2003). He also served as member of an advisory committee on multicultural liaison of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and on employment equity for the Quebec Treasury Board, the Board of directors of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation; the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council and the Quebec Government’s Task Force on Racial Profiling. His major recognitions include the Prix de la justice du Québec and the Human Rights Award of the Lord Redding Law Society (Montreal’s Jewish Bar).


3. How to Intervene during Racist Harassment and Attacks

Presenter: Courtney Mangus

This witness/bystander Intervention Training teaches participants how to safely provide support to someone who is targeted for race-motivated harassment or attack. Participants will also learn the hands-on skills of de-escalation and about the various factors involved in a hate crime or a hate incident. You should walk away from this training feeling more confident to step in as an ally to a targeted person. Many of the principles and strategies involved can also apply to situations where you are the target of racial harassment or attack.

Presenter: Courtney Mangus

Ms. Courtney Mangus is the Programs Coordinator for the San Francisco Bay Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SFBA). In this position, she leads CAIR-SFBA’s signature programs including the Muslim Youth Leadership Program, Muslim Gamechangers Network, Muslim Day at the Capitol, Bystander Intervention Trainings, the internship and volunteer programs, and much more!

Courtney has Bachelor of Arts degree and participated in a variety of social justice efforts while a student. After graduation, she was selected by Teach for America to teach in an underserved community and advocate for the educational rights of children. She is now studying to earn her J.D. at Santa Clara University School of Law.


4.Promoting Healthy Relationships and Preventing Racial Bullying

Presenter: Samuel Kim

This interactive webinar will cover the following important topics:

  • Definition of Bullying and Racial Bullying
  • Racial Bullying during COVID-19
  • Parents’ Roles in Identifying and Addressing Bullying Situations
  • Addressing Bullying in Schools: Focusing on Promoting Healthy Peer Relationships

Presenter: Samuel Kim, M.Sc.

Samuel Kim has been extremely well received as a presenter at Queen’s University and out in the community. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in the Clinical Psychology program at Queen’s University, under the supervision of Dr. Wendy Craig, Scientific Co-Director of Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network (PREVNet), Canada’s authority on research and resources for bullying prevention. His research focuses on how school environments can be shaped to better support the needs of vulnerable youth, especially youth who experience bullying. His dissertation will focus on the factors that influence youths’ decision to seek help for bullying.

Samuel currently works directly with children and youth in various clinical settings. He has a strong passion for working with diverse populations and aims to integrate cultural factors into his clinical work with multicultural populations. He is also active in promoting mental health awareness among educators within the Kingston Community as a project lead in the Clinical Psychology Outreach Program at Queen’s University.


5.Hate crime, Hate Incidents, and Personal and Property Safety

Presenter: Const. Mason Zhou  (English)  (Chinese)

This interactive webinar covers the following important topics:

  • Charter of Rights
  • What is hate crime/incident?
  • Criminal Code of Canada
  • First response
  • Tips for reporting a hate crime
  • How do you protect your personal safety on the street?
  • What can you do to prevent break and enter to your house?

Presenter: Const. Mason Zhou

Constable Mason Zhou is part of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureau of York Regional Police. He completed his undergraduate degree in Justice Study and a Master’s degree in Leadership at University of Guelph. An immigrant from China, Const. Zhou has a wide range of experience in both private and public sectors. His 12 year tenure at YRP covers Uniform, Criminal Investigation Bureau and involvement in special investigation units, prior to his current assignment to DEIB. He was also the designated writer of a police column in the Singtao newspaper on federal and provincial laws and various community issues during 2017-2018. Over the years, he has attended to numerous TV interviews on behalf of YRP to address certain issues and concerns in the community. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Const. Zhou was also seconded to the Hate Crime Unit to assist it in dealing with the spike of hate incidents and hate crimes in the Region.


The CPAC Anti-Racism Webinar Series is funded by the Government of Canada through the Canadian Red Cross.