Free Seminar: Idle Moments, Out into the World【in Mandarin】

CPAC Member Journey
Step Foot on All Seven Continents

Once upon a time, free wandering might have been your dream. In reality, your dream is fading into fantasy due to a variety of unavoidable responsibilities to family and work. Before it’s getting too late, CPAC invites you to join us with one of our members to share his journey across the world, and to learn about how a Canadian Engineering Professor became a world traveler, while maintaining his professional career and family successfully at the same time. His footprints cover across all seven continents and nearly 140 countries. He has accumulated rich experience in travelling and would like to share with you about the following:

  1. Purpose of travelling
  2. Seeing a bigger world with less amount of time and funds
  3. Self-guided travelling and utilizing travel agencies effectively
  4. Keys and characteristics of tourism in seven continents
  5. Be well prepared for your destinations
  6. Cruise ships
  7. Travel Photography
  8. Q&A

Date and Time: Saturday Feb 20rd, 2016; 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Location: 4150 Finch Ave E., Toronto, ON M1S 3T9.  Free Parking.

To download materials, please click the following links:


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