10 workshops to boost your career

Insights on Canadian Workplace Culture

Are you happy and successful in your workplace? Do you know if your company culture matches your personal values? Get the answers to these and other questions in this session that will help you understand what workplace culture is all about, how you can avoid blind spots and be more successful.  You will also learn how to sharpen your communication skills and talk your way to the top.  

Leadership Communication Excellence

Your ability as a great communicator is directly related to your success as a business leader, entrepreneur and personal partner. Yet most individuals demonstrate poor or ineffective communication skill. Today’s session will focus on the key attributes and demonstrated abilities of great communicators including: developing a keen external awareness of the people and situation around you, recognizing both the verbal and non-verbal aspects of an individual’s message, and building interpersonal trust through your communication.

Creating Great Customer Experiences that Work for your Business

As business people, we sometimes adopt a mode of thinking that suggests “Providing quality goods and services will be enough to attract new customers and maintain customer loyalty in order to be successful.” The reality is that, while quality is important, it is only a small consideration in the overall customer experience. GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES are created by considering other factors: who your customers really are, what the physical layout your customers will face, and how to deal with complaints in a win/win manner. Mr. Walker will discuss these and other factors and will be available to answer your questions.

Career Opportunities in Financial Industry

The presentation begins with an overview of the financial industry and its major employers. The speakers will discuss career opportunities in the industry with a focus on insights related to sales roles. The discussion will also cover the core competencies and experience requirements for various positions in the financial industry.

Strategies on How to Survive and Thrive in the Workplace

You have just landed your dream job. But the challenge ahead is how you can fit in and grow in the new workplace. The key is to sharpen your communication skills and develop your network. As you continue to establish yourself in the workplace, your next step will be to advance your career, which involves leveraging your strengths while improving your weaknesses, personal branding, getting a mentor and the mastery of do’s and don’ts in the workplace.

Overcoming Barriers for ITPs in Canada

This presentation will begin with an account of the barriers faced by internationally trained professionals, followed by an analysis of the mindset of many newcomers. Questions will be focused on: do you really understand yourself and know what you want to do? Do you suffer from the “immigrant syndrome”: succumbing under the power of your ego, being the victim of low self-esteem and living in the past etc.? To succeed in Canada, you need not only technical skills, but also the drive and passion to overcome the challenges. You need to step out of your comfort zone. The secret is: you will receive what you were asking for.    

The Businese of Etiquette

In the professional business arena, personal know-how and good social manners are crucial to success. Boardrooms across North America demand it and some social scientists argue that good manners improve the bottom line. Manners prescribe how we treat others in all walks of life from personal to business. Please join this session and learn how to master small talk, network like a pro, practice cell phone etiquette etc. You will also have an opportunity to test your Dining Etiquette IQ.

Networking your Way through Social Media

Social media is playing an increasingly important role in today’s society allowing business and individuals stay connected. Through social media, people can connect quickly, communicate creatively and stay connected with current events. However, there are rules to social media activities that we should follow. You will learn some useful tips on how to leave a positive footprint with your social media activities and how the positive footprint will help enhance your career and life.

Tips & Advice on How to Find a Government Job

In this session, the speaker will lead you through the steps for searching employment with the government, which include where to search, how to apply and how to nail down your dream job.  This session will provide advice on how to craft a resume that will catch the attention of the hiring manager and once you are invited for an interview, how to get yourself hired!

Career Opportunities in Banks and the Keys to Job Interview and Career Success

This session provides a brief introduction to some key customer service positions in the banking industry.  It will also elaborate two of the most important subjects in the job interview process – Behaviour Focused Interview (BFI) and Soft Skills – with an objective of helping candidates distinguish themselves and succeed in job interviews and careers.