2017 CPAC Scholarships Open for Application

CPAC Foundation opens applications for its 2017 Awards and Scholarships today. High school and university students are encouraged to apply for up to 10 prizes, totaling $18,000.  The specific awards and scholarships are as follows:


The CPAC awards are designed to encourage Ontario high school students to pursue higher education.  Applicants must demonstrate active community involvement and leadership as well as outstanding academic achievements. There will be a maximum of six $1,000 awards for students who have completed grade 10, 11 or 12 studies, with a maximum of two awards for each grade. APPLY


CPAC-TDIMM Scholarship

The CPAC-TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Scholarship, valued at $3,000, is awarded to a post-secondary student who has completed at least two semesters of studies at a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada. Candidates must demonstrate outstanding academic records and active community involvement in a leadership role. APPLY

CPAC Trailblazer Scholarship

The CPAC Trailblazer Scholarship (formerly known as the CPAC Special Scholarship) is awarded to an outstanding student who studies at a recognized high school or post-secondary institution in Canada. He/She must also have played an active and leading role in a uniquely meaningful project or initiative in relation to community or social development, humanitarian improvement, environment, social justice or other issues. The previous recipient of this scholarship was recognized for her accomplishments in starting and running an international, non-profit program matching sighted English-speaking mentors with blind Chinese buddies for online English classes and conferences. The value of this Trailblazer Scholarship is $3,000. APPLY

CPAC Education Scholarships

Two scholarships of $3,000 each are available for the students who study at a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada and demonstrate financial need for support to complete their higher education. Recipients must have maintained a minimum average of 80% and demonstrated social responsibility as well as a determination to pursue academic excellence. APPLY

“CPAC recognizes the importance of education and is committed to fostering community leadership and concern for others in the immigrant community. We want to reward those hard-working and deserving students of immigrant families,” remarks Richard Lim, President of the CPAC Foundation.

The CPAC Foundation is a registered charity that raises funds for career services and for its education related initiatives and activities that provide educational information to parents and students. It provides scholarships and awards to secondary and post-secondary students who have demonstrated academic excellence and community leadership. Since 2000, the Foundation has given out 216 scholarships and awards with a total value of $264,000.

The deadline for application is January 15, 2018.  Presentation of these prizes will be held in early March 2017. CPAC Foundation welcomes applications from Canadian citizens, immigrants and international students with CPAC student membership of all ethnic backgrounds.

Previous CPAC Award/Scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply for the same category again. Previous CPAC Bursary and Education Scholarship recipients are eligible to apply for any scholarships.

Enquiries contact:

Joe Yang

Manager of Operation

Tel: 416-298-7885 Ext. 120

Email: joe.yang@cpac-canada.ca