2022 AGM successfully held

The 2022 CPAC Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Zoom on the evening of June 29, 2022. Seven board members were re-elected at the AGM, and Mr. Ti Wang was re-elected as President for another term at the special board meeting immediately following the AGM.

“We shall speed up the introduction of new blood to the Board,” stated Mr. Wang on his new priorities, and “treat the research work of CPAC Institute as the most important task of CPAC.”

The 2022 AGM was chaired by Mr. Andrew Xu, Board Member and Chair of the 2022 AGM Committee. Audience at the meeting heard the 2021 work report and financial report, and appointed the independent auditor for the next fiscal year.

In appreciation of the loyalty and dedication of long-time staff, Employee Service Awards were also presented at this year’s AGM. The employees recognized at the members’ meeting were

Nancy Fu, 5 years

Joe Yang, 5 years

Tinna Xu, 10 years

Lily He, 15 years

Jason Yi, 15 years

According to CPAC’s Constitution, the term of a director is four years, and the term for the president is two years. The president is elected by the board of directors from among the directors. The president can serve no more than two consecutive terms, whereas a director can serve a maximum of 12 consecutive years.

The Board expresses its sincere thanks to Ms. Mia Wang, former Vice President and Mr. Longhuan Kim, former president, who stepped down from the Board of Directors after many years of dedicated service.


Mr. Ti Wang re-elected President of CPAC