CPAC’s Annual Job Fair is Back, Bringing together Diverse Talent and Opportunities

After a long hiatus during the pandemic, CPAC is resuming its annual job fair. The 2023 edition will be presented this fall, again at the conveniently located North York Memorial Community Hall.

The CPAC job fair is a unique platform where employers meet diverse talent, and job seekers can explore and connect with employers and employment service providers. This annual event is attended by locally and internationally educated professionals with a wide range of professional backgrounds, and by employers and service providers from a range of industries across the Greater Toronto Area.

For employers, this event presents an excellent opportunity to engage with candidates one-on-one. Service providers, on the other hand, can market their offerings and guide new immigrants through essential transition and development programs, skills upgrades, and further education opportunities.

Furthermore, this job fair provides an unparalleled chance to showcase your brand at an affordable price. By participating, you can leverage extensive media exposure and various marketing channels to reach a diverse audience of over 250,000 immigrants. Additionally, your brand will gain direct visibility within our expansive network of 30,000+ CPAC members, while engaging face-to-face with an estimated 700 event participants. This presents a remarkable opportunity to maximize your brand exposure and connect with a wide range of potential customers as well as diverse talent. Your job postings will also enjoy complimentary visibility on the Job Listing page of the official CPAC website prior to and following the event.

Mark your calendar and join us! The early bird exhibition rate expires on August 18, 2023. For further details, please reach out to

  • Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2023
  • Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Venue: North York Memorial Community Hall, 5110 Yonge Street, North York, Ontario
  • Projected Attendance: 700 attendees and 30+ exhibitors from across the GTA
  • Event’s website: