Admission Insiders and Education Experts to Speak at Members Day on August 11

Chinese Professionals Association of Canada (CPAC) is pleased to announce another Members’ Day to better improve the lives of our professional members and their families on Saturday, Aug. 11, 2012 at CPAC Conference Hall. Join us for a fun informational afternoon with four seminars on education. ALL FREE.

Date: Saturday, August 11, 2012

Time: 1:00 – 5:00 pm

Venue: CPAC Conference Hall

Address: 4150 Finch Avenue East, Toronto, ON M1S 3T9

Register at:

Free admission, free refreshment and free parking. LIMITED SEATS. First come, first serve!


“How to Get Into Top US Universities” by Jack Hu

“Helping Your Child Find His/Her Passion” by Amelia Ng

“The Benefits of Learning Music for Your Child’s Development” by Harmon Ng

“How to save money for your child’s future education” by Martina Wong


“Helping Your Child Find His/Her Passion” by Amelia Ng

This workshop will teach parents how connect with their children and create an environment that inspires and nourishes the creative minds of their children. Learn how to find your child’s true talents and how to help your child to find his or her true passion.  Parents will learn what they can do to bring out that true talent and passion in their children, inspiring their offspring to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

Amelia Ng Biography

Amelia Ng is a passionate professional who has spent the last 18 of her 34 years with the Federal Government as a Senior Trade Officer, advising the public and assisting new immigrants.  She has also worked as school community councilor for McKee Public School for 14 years. As a stronger believer in the Confucius philosophy: “One should take care of one’s family before taking care of the country’s affairs”, she emphasizes the importance of family and balancing work and private life.  She has been married more than 36 years and is a dedicated mother to her two children.  Apart from her parental and professional career, she has been supporting many non-profit organizations and conducting many educational seminars, and has also lectured at George Brown and Seneca College.

“The Benefits of Learning Music for Your Child’s Development” by Harmon Ng

This workshop will teach parents how learning music is much more than a credit in high school.  Music is an introduction to the process of learning, the process of listening, and the maturation of the child. Harmon is husband to first speaker, Amelia Ng. He and Amelia believe that parents must be highly involved in their children’s education in order for them to mature and become successful contributors in society.

Harmon Ng Biography

Harmon Ng is a professional music educator, having graduated from the Music Institute with a major in Piano and Composition.  Harmon has long been a founding member of the “Asian Composers’ League”.  He was also one of the seven founders of the then “Hong Kong Young Composers Association”, which is now known as the “Composers and Lyricists Association”.  He has been teaching students ranging from 4 years old to adults and has more than 35 years of piano and music theory teaching experience.

“How to save money for your child’s future education” by Martina Wong

The Heritage Education Foundation will be exploring the concept of cumulative education cost in depth. In the Canadian education system, it is very important for parents to plan for their children’s education early and save money aside to avoid future surprises. Without the degree, diploma and any kind of certificate, the children will be at a disadvantage once they enter the workforce.  Heritage will help you understand more about how RESP works, and provide assistance to ensure your children get their deserved education in the future.


For questions regarding this event, call 416-298-7885 ext.101. The registration deadline is Saturday, August 11 at 12pm.

(CPAC reserves the right to make any changes.)