Notice of AGM and Seminar on Nutrition and Diet for Your Changing Needs

Dear CPAC Member,

You are cordially invited to the 2024 CPAC Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held on Thursday, July 18, 2024 at the CPAC Conference Hall. 

The AGM is where you can exercise your right as a member and contribute to CPAC’s work and development. You will hear CPAC’s annual work report, financial report, elect board members, and help appoint next year’s auditor. There will also be opportunities for you to ask questions and make suggestions. 

To add value to the event, a very informative seminar on nutrition and diet will be presented. Ms. Ningying Wang, a registered dietitian, will be sharing (in Mandarin) useful tips on the nutritional needs of different age groups and offer advice on health management. 

Ms. Wang graduated with a Master’s degree in Applied Human Nutrition from McGill University. She is currently a registered dietitian and diabetes educator. She will illustrate how good nutrition is the cornerstone of maintaining physical health and a crucial means of preventing many chronic diseases, and how our nutritional needs change as we go through different stages of life.  

In this hour-long seminar, Ms. Wang will cover the following aspects: 

  • The importance of breastfeeding in infancy
  • Key nutrients during the growth and development phase in early childhood
  • Nutritional requirements during the rapid growth phase in adolescence
  • Nutrition-related chronic disease prevention in adulthood
  • Nutritional challenges and health maintenance for seniors 

2024 CPAC AGM Details:

Date:   Thursday, July 18, 2024

Check in:   6:00 pm

Refreshments: 6:30 pm

Meeting: 7:00 pm

Location: CPAC Conference Hall,4150 Finch Ave E, Toronto, M1S 3T9; 416-298-7885 ext. 101

Parking: 4140 Finch Av E to the west, and

               4168 Finch Av E to the east (ample parking at the back of the building)

Light supper will be provided. Attendees will also receive a nicely designed CPAC T-shirt.

Registration required to ensure food supply. Please Register NOW and reserve your seat.