Anti-Asian Racism Video Presentations and Discussion

A Webinar on Racism in Collaboration with the Stronger Together Coalition.



– An introduction of racism/ anti-Asian racism, past and present

– Relationship between stereotyping, discrimination and racism/ white supremacy

– The perpetuation and operationalization of anti-Asian racism


Videos to be presented:

  1. History of Silence
  2. Perpetual Foreigners
  3. Model Minorities


Expected Outcomes:

– Awareness of the history and contemporary issues of Anti-Asian racism

– Understanding of some of the contributing factors to the perpetuation of anti-Asian racism


Webinar video: Here


Speaker: Teresa Woo-Paw

Ms. Teresa Woo-Paw is the first Asian Canadian woman elected to the Calgary Board of Education and the Alberta Legislature where she served as a Cabinet Minister.

Teresa was appointed as the Chair of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation in 2019 and is currently Chair of ACCT Foundation, Co-Chair of Asian Heritage Foundation, Chair of the Eco-Village of Hope, Board Member of Calgary Arts Foundation, Convener of Asian Canadians Together to End Racism (ACT2endracism), Honorary member of the Korean Women’s Association and the Malaysian Singapore Brunei Cultural Association. She is also the founder of the Ethnocultural Council of Calgary (Action Dignity) and the Calgary Chinese Community Service Association, and the President of Teresa Woo-Paw & Associates Ltd.

Teresa is a tireless advocate for diversity, inclusion and civic participation. As a consultant, she has provided diversity training for the Cultural Diversity Institute, the Calgary health region, United Way of Calgary, the Red Cross, Calgary Board of Education, the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, and the Calgary Immigrant Aid Society.