Do you remember that flirty look you got from your first heart throb, the brush off you received from a friend, the slouched shoulders when you felt depressed or your Mother’s disapproving frown.


We’ve been educated to hide our feelings and learned to keep our faces impassive, although we smiled or frowned, some of us learned to keep a poker face (you know – when you don’t want the other card players to know what’s in your hand). As adults many of us are still playing the same game. Our eyes, eyebrows, face, hands, feet and legs speak louder than words mainly because it’s often an involuntary action.


As an experienced image coach, it still amazes me how many of my clients are completely unaware of  the dead giveaways  – the nervous habits that get in the way of clear, calm communication until they are pointed out. That annoying twitch, the blush, the unforgivable stammer or the voice that becomes raised an octave.


The good news – body talk is simply comprised of movements that we have conscious control over. It’s simply a matter of being aware of the messages we are sending to others. A large part of what we evaluate and critique in the initial “image audit” portion of our programs include the individual’s stance, posture, personal space, eye contact and the nervous habits such as drumming with the fingers, the fingers writhing, touching the face, pulling the hair or the constant twitching and movement of legs and feet.  


A nervous habit gets in the way of effective communication and actually blocks personal success!


Body talk either works for you or against you. Body talk is powerful because it tells others things far more than words ever can.


Positive “body talk” is just another weapon in your professional “tool kit.”


Here are some tips I give my clients on what I know they can control.


1.  RELAX   We are so wired …to the cell phone, computers, time, appointments, life, etc.  Maybe it’s time to disconnect for awhile!
2.  PAY ATTENTION TO PERSONAL HEALTH…KEEP FIT…EXERCISE is one of the most beneficial ways to gain more balance.
3.  SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE, SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE.Don’t let others sap your strength and energy.
4.  BECOME ACUTELY AWARE OF YOUR MOVEMENTS – only then can you begin the changes to appear calmer, open and relaxed.

5.  TAKE TIME TO PLAY … play is important for your spirit and good health.




Bio of Ms. Shannon Smith

Shannon Smith, personal brand coach and founder of Premiere Image International based in Toronto, is a TV personality, speaker, columnist and author.  Her Contemporary Finishing School offers customized training for companies and individuals across North America in personal branding – image mastery, charisma, presentations skills, appropriate dress & grooming, manners, etiquette training, executive dining and protocol. Learn the secrets of Self-Confidence, Discover the Power to Influence, Make Success a Natural Part of Your Life. Ms. Smith assists individuals transform from unnoticed to unforgettable…and she personally guarantees it. Ms. Smith will be presenting at the CPAC Professional Day May 25.

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