Breakout Session of the 5th CPAC Education Day: How to communicate with your children effectively when the school starts?

On October 27th, 2012 Education Foundation of Chinese Professional Association of Canada will be hosting its 5th Annual Education Day. Building on the success of past Education Days this year’s event promises to connect more students to educational opportunities that best suit their aptitudes and career goals. The event will be held at Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School in Scarborough.

CPAC Education Day sponsored by HSBC Bank Canada is one of the largest education events held annually in the immigrant community drawing more than 2,000 students, parents, and educators. The event’s objective is to create awareness and provide information about the Canadian education system and its available services to the families of newcomers.

Education Day gives students and parents information using a range of formats. Representatives from school boards, colleges and universities will set up display booths and provide information about their programs. Over forty booths including representatives from the University of Toronto, Queen’s University and York University have been confirmed. 14 classroom sized breakout sessions and a whole-day student forum will also be held.

Amelia will host one breakout session titled “How to communicate with your children effectively when the school starts?.”

The workshop will help parents communicate with their children.  Quite often parents spend a lot of time lecturing their children; what to do, how to spend their time, etc.  Being able to communicate with our children and encourage them to express themselves, respect their feelings and others is important for building self esteem and maturity.  As a parent, creating hard working and smart habits is just as important as giving the empathy and sympathy towards our children so that they can become emotionally and therefore physically well balanced.

Amelia Ng has been working for the Federal Government for 33 years. Apart from her professional career, she has worked in the McKee Public School Advisory Council as a member for 14 years, and she has a good understanding of the Ontario Public School Broad System and the Separate School Board System. Based on the potential and the character of her two children, she has acquainted herself with the regular stream, specialized education programs, Montessori program, IB, AP Program and Top Program.

Amelia is also a core member of Association of Career Educators.  ACE is a non-profit network of career educators whose focus is to promote excellence in career development in elementary and secondary education in Ontario.  In the 1980`s and 90`s it was actively involved in the Ontario educational system, as the Ministry level and on national committees.  In the recognition of the value of this work, ACE (formerly ACCES) was acknowledged in the report of the Royal Commission of Learning, for the Choices Into Action and The Ontario Curriculum for Guidance and Career Education.  ACE represents the diversity of educators who deliver career education to support the career development of elementary and secondary students.

Facts about the 5th CPAC Education Day 2012:

  • Time: Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. October 27th , 2012
  • Venue: Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School (3200 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, NW corner of Kennedy & McNicoll)
  • Admission fee: CAD$10/family(including free lunch)
  • Complimentary tickets: Pick up complimentary tickets at participating HSBC branches and CPAC office or register online at to get complimentary tickets.

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