CPAC Celebrated Successful Completion of First Cycle of Courses In “CPAC-Gateway For Internationally Educated Nurses Program”on June 24, 2012

On June 24, 2012, CPAC (Chinese Professionals Association of Canada) celebrated its successful completion of the first cycle of the training courses in frame of “CPAC-Gateway for Internationally Educated Nurses Program”. This program is an Ontario bridge training program funded by the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada it was launched by CPAC in October 2011. It aims to help internationally educated nurses (IENs) obtain licenses (RN/RPN) and find employment in Ontario.

As an important component of the program, the classroom instruction courses “Introduction to Nursing Practice in Ontario” and “Workplace Culture and Communication Training” began on March 25, and ended today. The instructor Ms. Jiao Jiang is a Nurse Practitioner at UHN and an assistant professor at the University of Toronto. She has extensive clinical and teaching experiences, plus her deep insight into the differences of Chinese and Canadian nursing practices.
Program participant Fan Lin said, the courses have refreshed her knowledge in nursing,and she came to know the differences in health system in Canada and China by learning from the instructor’s personal experiences. She was greatly inspired by the instructor’s success in Canada, and finally through attending the courses she also extended her networking which was very important for a newcomer.
Participant Pramila Khati said: “It was my great pleasure having the opportunity to enroll in this program. It is very helpful for us. Our instructor is very good. Considering the program time frame, the contents were sufficient, and the practical case studies were very beneficial. I would like to thank CPAC and others who are involved in running this program.”
Participant Wei Xiao said: “The course contents were very relevant to the nursing clinical practice. Plenty of case studies helped us comprehend the CNO standards and national examination questions. I also benefited a lot from the training in nurse resume writing and interview skills. I am quite sure that this course is the right one for person who wants to return to the nursing career in Canada. It is like a window for us to look through into the nursing system in Ontario and let us know how it works. At the same time, it gave us a chance to reflect what weaknesses and strengths we as internally educated nurses have. I would highly recommend the courses to international nurses, which delivered the most important professional information and medical knowledge and guided us into the right way for our future.”

The next cycle of the courses will begin in September. The recruitment of participants is ongoing. Beside the training courses, the Gateway Program for IENs also provides one-on-one mentor support, study group for exam preparation, employment services. For inquiry and registration, please contact Steven Zeng by calling at 416-298-7885 ext 102, or e-mail:

About the CPAC Gateway for Internationally Educated Nurses program
CPAC Gateway for Internationally Educated Nurses is an Ontario Bridge Training Program funded by the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada. This program aims to help internationally educated nurses (IENs) obtain the Registered Nurse/Registered Practical Nurse (RN/RPN) licenses with a clearly illustrated road map, gain relevant work experience and become successful in the workplace. Depending on their individual needs, participants will receive in-depth information on the registration process, workplace culture and communication training, mentoring support as well as employment services.