CPAC- Enlight Investment & Asset Management Seminar Successfully Held

Young Professionals Division of CPAC, Enlight, successfully held its premier event of the fall last Saturday. The “Investment & Asset Management Seminar” attracted more than 80 young professionals from all across the GTA. The purpose of this activity was to help young professionals and entrepreneurs to expand their network within the financial industry.

Enlight was built on the vision that young people can realize their potential by meeting and learning from the best in business and industry. Enlight members represent a wide variety of fields and sectors. Through this cross-industry, cross-functional collaborations, the Young Professionals Division of CPAC hopes to help members build and develop the skills, knowledge and networks that will help them in this dynamic global marketplace.

On the seminar the day, Enlight invited two experienced financial professionals to share their expertise and successful experience within the industry. The two speakers were George Yao (Vice President of Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking Division) and Magis Girgis (Certified Financial Planner at Sun Life Financial). The theme of the seminar included: how to prepare for entry into the investment bank scene; how to gear one’s personal and professional developments toward a job in the financial sector; how to utilize various resources and relationships to succeed in the industry. After the two guest speakers, participants and guests were also engaged in an informative discussion about the future and general direction of financial service professionals in the GTA.

CPAC’s Enlight is committed to serve young professionals from all backgrounds. Enlight will be holding monthly events on a full range of topics, including employment-related activities to help young professionals explore more career paths, and help expand their social and professional networks. Youth members and volunteers currently accepting applications, please contact: