“CPAC Gateway for Internationally Educated Nurses Program” helps you to become a successful nurse in Ontario.

PAC Gateway for Internationally Educated Nurses is an Ontario Bridge Training Program funded by the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada and it aims to help internationally educated nurses to obtain registration as Registered Nurse/Registered Practical Nurse licenses (RN/RPN) and to find employment in their profession field.

The program provides:

Classroom instruction on “Introduction to Nursing Practice in Ontario” which provides in-depth information on the registration process and various aspects of nursing profession in Ontario;

Workplace Culture and Communication Training which introduces cultural differences between Canada and home countries and will equip the participants with essential soft skills to face cultural challenges in the workplace in Ontario;

One-on-one mentoring support: professionally established mentor offers support, guidance and assistance to the mentee in all steps leading to registration and employment;

Employment services.

We take in applicants for the program year-round. To learn more about the program, please send email to chyang@chineseprofessionals.ca or call Christy Yang at 416-298-7885 Ext. 102

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