CPAC Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter

CPAC strongly condemns the brutal killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the continuing police violence against Black people.

We take an unequivocal stand against anti-Black racism and discrimination in all its forms.

We express our sympathy with the Floyd family and stand in solidarity with the Black community and the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States and elsewhere.

We also acknowledge that systemic racism, the root of police violence and other forms of oppression against BIPOC communities, also exists and has a long history in Canada. The recent surge of anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic is another disturbing manifestation of the systemic issues plaguing our society.

We call upon all governments, institutions, civil society and all concerned citizens to work in solidarity to eliminate systemic racism. Racism impacts everyone and it is our collective responsibility to be purposefully anti-racist and actively create an equitable and inclusive Canadian society.