CPAC Table Tennis Club



The CPAC Table Tennis Club (CPACTTC) welcomes CPAC members who are 50 or over and non-CPAC member who are 55 or over to learn and play Table Tennis for free. Tournaments will be organized from time to time. The CPAC Table Tennis Club is a member-based recreational club, and it is manda

tory to present your CPACTTC membership card while entering into CPACTTC facilities. To apply for membership, please fill out the online form here, or download the application form and apply in-person at our office with your valid photo ID.

CPACTTC Membership Eligibility

CPAC Members:         50 years or older
Non CPAC Member:   55 years or older


Location:   4150 Finch Ave. East. Toronto, ON M1S 3T9
Days:         From June 28, 2017 to June 28, 2018, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Hours:       10am – 4pm

The club will be closed on Statutory holidays and other days that CPAC is closed. Please pay attention to the Club Notice Board.

Fee Schedule

Currently free of charge for all CPAC Table Tennis Club members from June 28, 2017 to June 28, 2018.

Volunteering and Sponsoring 

CPACTTC needs your support! Each and every volunteer and sponsor’s support is greatly appreciated! For volunteering and sponsoring, please email:, or phone Toby Li at 416-298-7885, ext. 113.

Rules and Regulations

CPAC Facility Code of Conduct
CPAC Table Tennis Club (CPACTTC) Rules and Guidelines