CPAC-TD Insurance Webinar: Home and Car Insurance Information Session

Date & Time: Nov. 4th, 2022, 7:00 pm EST

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This webinar will  cover the following topics:

  • How insurance works

   – Your Insurance Dollar

   – Catastrophic Losses

  • How to protect yourself with Home and Auto Insurance

   – Insurance Myths

   – Benefits & Features of coverage

   – Coverage

   – How premiums are determined and what factors impact them

   – Ways to save on your premium

  • What to do if you have an accident

   – Steps to take

   – Claims


Husain Reyaz

Reyaz is currently a Team Manager with TDI and has been with the company since June 2019. He was a successful Insurance Advisor before becoming a Peer Coach where he helped to develop over 100 New Hires to better understand and prepare for the role. Along with his knowledge and experience within the industry, he achieved his current role where he is helping to guide and develop the current and future leaders of the industry.


Iona Cheng

Iona moved to Canada from Hong Kong in Grade 10 and is fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin. She has been with TDI since September 2021 and stood out as one of the top performer within her team. Iona is currently the Subject Matter Expert for underwriting adherence on my team and was recently recognized as employee of the month in July.