CPAC-TD Leadership Development Program is Full, Accept Application for the Next Round of Training

                                                                                                    CPAC-TD Leadership Development Program

One on One Mentoring by Senior Executive!

Learn with Leading Experts!

To help internationally trained professionals gain the skills to move from technical roles to management positions, CPAC is going to offer the Leadership Development Program (LDP) for the third time.   The program was a great success in the past two years – more than 50% of the graduates reported that they had advanced their careers within the first year of graduation.

The course includes using a self assessment tool to assess one’s potential; learning advanced  communication and problem solving skills, how to manage conflicts and influence your manager and your team, understanding corporate finance, etc.

The instructors include leading experts, training specialists, seasoned professors from prestigious universities, and executive advisor and senior consultants of top corporations.

In addition to having the in-class training, mentoring is a value-added component of the program.   All participants will be matched with mentors who hold senior management positions in a wide range of sectors including accounting, finance, IT, engineering and consulting.

Time:                   9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location:            Hilton Suites, 8500 Warden Ave., Markham L6G 1A5
Inquiry & registration: Lily at 416-298-7885 ext. 103, or email


Module 1   Guidelines for effective communications for managers

Module 2   In-depth look into your strengths and styles

Module 3   Finance Management for Decision Making

Module 4   skills to resolve conflict at the workplace

Module 5   How to be heard and influence your manager and your team

Testimonials from Graduates

“Through this leadership development program, I have discovered who I am and what I can be; practiced the principles of strategic communication and applied them; learned practical and proven ‘lean’ approaches to help busy people address the core problems; and became aware of the different ways of thinking and acquired the meaning of implementing creative thought and action in different situation. This program equipped me with the knowledge and skills in leadership I need, and provided a platform for me to advance in my career and serve people in Ontario.”

— Sheng Wang

“These sessions refined my leadership skills systematically and improved my leadership quality overall. The training emphasizes the core qualities of leadership and elevates us from managers to leaders. I have immediately applied what I learned to the management style and thinking in my work. Those quality improvements will enable me to expand my career to a higher level. I also can apply those skills in working with the community, especially CAPC and new immigrant community to help new immigrants pursue their dreams in this great country, Canada.”

–Zhengyong Li

“We have heard inspiring stories of success from our keynote speakers. They are very powerful role models in many ways, especially respect to leadership and career development. For me personally, this program is not for a sudden leap forward such as an instant promotion at work, but a continuing process of gaining more respect from my colleagues and people around me. My coworkers were noticeably more cooperative and supportive of my work. Through applying my newly learned knowledge to my work, I have gained more respect from my colleagues and people around me. I’m a better leader now.”

–Charles Zhang

“The Leadership Program came into my life when I was struggling personally and professionally. The topics and materials of the program were so well organized and I believe the contents this program covered are essential for our future success. Just like specially designed for me, this program greatly improved my communication skills, cleared away my confusions, boosted my confidence, and really, increased my life satisfaction and  raised my long term goal expectation – It made real life-changes on  me! I definitely recommend anyone who‘d like to increase their future potential to participate. “

–Yong Cao

“I would like to thank CPAC for making available to us so many excellent trainers and keynote speakers. Their subject matter expertise was clearly demonstrated and their knowledge and stories have convinced and inspired me to commit 10 days of my time to listen, absorb, reflect, and ultimately to apply some of what I have learned. Today, I can say, that the positive energy that I have gained from participating in this leadership program will enable me to maintain a more positive attitude in my new job, in spite of the challenges I may face.”

–Min Ran

“During the training sessions, I learned more about myself. Through the D.I.S.C profile, I got to know my personality and characteristics, what my strengths and weaknesses are, and how to apply them in my daily life. I learned how to better communicate with people around me; I learned how to build a strong team, how to manage effective meetings, and how to solve conflicts both at work and at home.

In stead of just teaching us leadership theories, the tailor-made program was specifically designed for us, which is practical and relevant. Teachers / facilitators had spent lots of time in preparing, researching and design to present the best program customized for us, the materials are very rich and in depth. It really helps us to develop our own leadership style. “

–John Zheng

“It has been a self-discovery journey from the beginning to the very end. After the training, I feel that I can understand about myself much better as well as about others. Also, the training provided me with a collection of practical tools and specific techniques to use in future. The training is especially helpful for me in learning how to interact with people effectively.”

–Susan Kwan

“After Leadership Program, our views of ourselves have changed. Everyone has a potential to be a leader in one way or another. The program helped us learn how to changes ourselves, to have passion to lead and to lead effectively. Leadership not only just exists in business, our social activities but also in our family. The knowledge of the program will have a life time impact on me, both personally and professionally.  I become much more prepared and confident to communicate, to manage and to lead.”

–Roger Shi

“The Leadership Development Program is a successful training program!  It has provided the essential training modules which we need in our daily management work. What I most like about this program is the Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership module, which guided us through self-awareness, emotional management, and emotional connection with the people around us. The Coaching for Success Module included a lot of techniques to improve my coaching skills when I need to work with my team members. The Keynote Speech Sessions make the program even more practical. People from key management position like Ms. Sue Tang and Dr. Jinyan Li who shared their personal experiences of growth and success. Through their speeches, I learned how to set the goals, to motivate others, how to connect with others, how to lead, and how to serve our communities.”

–Lynn Li

“This leadership development training is a phenomenal program. Every session has huge potential influence to our future leadership development. We learned that management is doing things right but leadership is doing the right things, how to build an effective team, how to facilitate a meeting, coaching coachees,  manage conflicts and understand the nature of Emotional Intelligence and how to improve it, how to read and analyze Financial Statements, how to make effective communication and become an effective leader. I do see the values to apply what we learned to our family, our team, our community and organizations, and above all, to our life.”

–Bill Wang

“If you are a leader, this CPAC Leadership Program can help you with the challenges that you have on daily basis. Instructors from various fields offer firsthand experience and case studies from which you learn how to deal with conflicts, coach for success and build a strong team.

If you are not a leader yet, the program would prepare you things you need to have before taking on leadership role. For example, think from leader’s perspective, identify your personal leadership styles and strengths, effective facilitate team meeting, build your emotional intelligence and gain basic knowledge on financials and budgeting.            “

–Jeffrey Kang

“CPAC LDP provides me with an opportunity to add value to myself. It teaches me core soft skills and provides me with the great tools as well. It paves the way for me to become a great leader.”

–Joe Chan

“I wanted to just take a minute to tell you how great the CPAC Leadership Program was. It is truly a pleasure to have been able to spend time with the class. I have learned much about the leadership skills and how I can relate better with others, accomplish tasks better, and decrease stress in my life because of the Program. My ability to relate to the team has improved. I am more prepared to handle most anything that I encounter. This training is essential for success, time is well spent.”

–Zhen Zhang

“CPAC Leadership Development Program is condensed and highly effective. Through this program,  I gained a comprehensive range of very practical and powerful leadership tools and approaches that can be implemented immediately. It also helps me to adjust my main attention from technical stuff to team performance and build confidence in my abilities. By continuous practice, I believe that I am on the right track to achieve handling leadership challenges and guiding people to sustained high performance in near future.”

–Frank Wang

“This program not only provides a powerful experience of leadership, teamwork and communication, but also offers access to a network of instructors, mentors and students. This network can be very helpful for job search, career development, business relationship building, as well as acquiring expertise outside my current field. I can confidently say that this program was one of the best choices I have made. I have found the right classes and the right instructors. ”

— Julie Wang

“This program brought me lots of benefits. Firstly, this program gave me the clear definition of leadership and all the aspects regarding leadership. Secondly, this program taught me lots of practical skills that I can use in work and daily life, which is a great help for my career promotion in the future. Thirdly, this program was full of knowledge, many points the instructors presented in the classroom gave me hints and directions which I need to keep working in the future. So, this program is really a great chance for me to develop myself. Though the time of the program was over, the thoughts and work still continue, the great benefits are definitely predictable. Thank CPAC for providing this excellent program. And thank Lily for excellent organization and diligent work for this program.”

— Xudong Cheng

“If you want to be a leader, CPAC leadership program will guide you on the track. If you are already a leader, the program will systemize your leadership, pinpoint your leadership style and lead you to higher level.”

–Daniel Zhu

“This program is a unique program for leaders. Firstly, it is cost-effective. I learned many practical techniques in ten weeks, such as Dynamic Team Building, Making Meetings Work, and Conflict Management which are very useful in my daily work and life. Secondly, it is stress-free.  I don’t have to spend time on exams. I was relaxed while learning so I enjoyed every class. Thirdly, it is continuous. After finishing this program, I can continue to learn more from my mentor and my classmates. I would like to thank CPAC to offer this program to us.   “

–Nancy Gao