Designing Your Career Based on Your Personality

What colour is your career? Each one of us has a unique combination of four personality styles that will determine, what type of career we choose and whether or not we will be happy in that career. Here’s what you will learn from the workshop “Designing Your Career Based on Your Personality” on September 26’s CPAC Professionals Day 2015:

1. Who am I? Clues to my hidden talents… (Understanding myself and my values)

2. Personality Strengths  – what each personality brings to the workplace.

3. Four paths to Successful life’s work (career examples)

4. What each personality style needs at work to be motivated and engaged

5. Q&A

Irene Anderson – CTACC, has brought Personality Type programs to many teams and individuals. Irene has shared her expertise through consulting, training, speaking and in print.  With her combination of coaching and results-driven facilitating, she has helped executives, managers and entrepreneurs to better success in business and career. Irene has also shared her unique talents with not-for-profit groups, as a volunteer, facilitator and speaker. Irene’s style of facilitation is results oriented, with a focus directly on the client, using a unique Self Discovery process, and a commitment to ensure that all personalities are honoured. Irene is truly dedicated to the success of her clients, and as a career coach has a unique knack for uncovering the talents and strengths of the client, and moving them toward that ‘AHA’ moment when they really begin to embrace who they are meant to be.

(Note: Please check on the day of Professionals Day for the exact content of workshops)

About CPAC Professionals Day 2015

The free event will present an exciting lineup of speakers, employers and service providers designed to assist internationally trained professionals in their search for successful careers in Canada. The one-day event features a success panel and eight breakout sessions on various career related topics ranging from honing interview skills to managing conflicts in the workplace. With CPAC combining the Professionals Day with their young professionals division (Enlight)’s Encounter Career Development Conference this year, the event will have a selection of workshops for both young and seasoned professionals.

Free admission & Lunch is provided with prior registration! Online Registration:

Details of the event are as follows:

Date:   Saturday, September 26, 2015

Time:  10:00am – 4:00pm

Location:  Armenian Youth Centre (50 Hallcrown Place, Toronto, ON M2J 1P6)

Enquiries:  416-298-7885 Ext. 101


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