Free Seminar – Big Data, The must Knows, the Career

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Windows 10, Big Data, The must Knows, the Career

Download Presentation Slide, Please click here

Download Presentation Slide, Please click here

Are you using Windows 10 or considering upgrading to Windows 10? Do you have concerns about your privacy been collected through Windows 10 for big data? How does big data work? How is it collected? How does it affect you? How does it impact the society? How can it help in your career? What do you need to prepare to make a career out of it? If you have any one, or few, or all of the questions mentioned above in mind, this seminar is aimed to help.

Seminar Description:


  • What is Big Data? What Big Data is NOT?
  • Where does Big Data come from?
  • How Big is Big data?

Big Data and You

  • How does Big Data impact your life?
  • Big Data is Everywhere – Real Life Applications

Big Data In Action

  • From Data to Knowledge – Big Data Analytics
  • What is Machine Learning
  • Big Data Analytics in Action
  • –        How did Siri Learn? (Speech recognition, Natural Language Processing, etc)
  • –        Big Data Analytics in Online Advertisements (The data flow behind an ad you see online)
  • –        Big Data Analytics in HR – An area with unlimited potential
  • Big Data and Privacy – Is Big Brother watching you?

Career in Big Data

  • Career Paths in Big Data
  • Skills required to land a job in Big data
  • What can a data scientist do NOW?


  • The Future of Big Data


Speaker Bio

Cindy Zhong, Data Scientist at Scotiabank and KE Solutions, Data Enthusiast, Analytical Thinker and Digital Storyteller.

Cindy uses data science and analytics to illuminate hidden information in data, and transform data into knowledge. Cindy has extensive experience in financial services, government and energy industry. She has designed and developed data-driven solutions for marketing, risk management, employee engagement and many other areas. Cindy led the development of Jobster (Real-Time Best Matching Job Alerts) and RezMonkey (Resume Skill Analysis) at KE Solutions – a software suite to help connecting ideal candidates to their dream jobs.


Date and Time: Saturday March 19, 2016; 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Location: 4150 Finch Ave E., Toronto, ON M1S 3T9.  Free Parking.

Download Presentation Slide, Please click here