Free Seminar – IT Forum II – Cyber Security

Nowadays, most of us cannot live without internet and information technology. While enjoying the convenience brought by these new technologies, the concerns about network and information security are arisen to be a hot topic. Without being a cyber security expert, you may find yourself lost in the overwhelming knowledge you have to learn to secure your information. This seminar will provide you with a simple guide on what to watch for and how to secure your network and information to the maximum with your own efforts.

People who may benefit from this seminar:

  • Small and medium business owners who have to manage their own network and information security risks;
  • Cyber security professionals who would like to network with their peers for career and/or expertise;
  • Anybody who would like to have their cyber security questions answered by an expert.

Speaker’s Bio

Jin Cao, CISSP, ISSAP, CISA, PMP, GCFA, CIPP/C. Senior information security analyst with over 30 years experience in IT, there among 18 years in information security and risk management. Jin Cao’s profound knowledge and expertise have been accumulated through working for AEGON Canada, Transamerica Life & Protection, ivari, and a variety of reputable companies.

As a warm hearted community contributor and philanthropist, Jin has actively involved in Exam Development for (ISC)2, ISACA (Cyber Security Credential Qualification Expert Panel), and IAPP – CIPP/C (Board of Exam Development).

Agenda / Topics

  • Attacks via email:          Spoofing * Spear phishing
  • Securing your PC:         User accounts * Patching * Encryption * Webcam
  • Securing your data:       Encryption * Back up
  • Cloud storage:               Dropbox * OneDrive * Google drive * iCloud
  • Web browsing:               NoScript * SandboxIE * Dedicated browsers
  • Home Firewall:               DIY * OTC
  • Free stuff:                      Enter to win a prize * USB keys
To download the presentation slides, please click here. For more questions, the speaker’s email is on the third page.
  Date and Time: Saturday May 07, 2016; 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Location: 4150 Finch Ave E., Toronto, ON M1S 3T9.  Free Parking.