Free Seminar Nov. 7, Successful Career Change – Step by Step

If there are so many reasons pushing you for a career change, but you don’t know how, or have the fear of failure Come to get inspired by a successful career change story presented by Stacey He, a successful financial planner who transferred from being an accountant.


  1. What I measured seriously when thinking about career change;
  2. My career path and why I made each career move.

The Story

  1. Gaining the right experience before hand;
  2. Using the social medial;
  3. Building the network;
  4. Crafting the resume;
  5. Overcoming the Challenges and Fear;
  6. Taking actions;
  7. Learning from the Mistakes;
  8. The Tips, Advice and “Must Do’s”.
  9. Q&As

Speaker’s Bio

Stacey He graduated from University of Waterloo with a Math and Accounting degree, and had practiced as an accountant shortly after graduation. She realized very quickly that this was not the fulfillment she was looking for in her career, and started to explore her career options. She sought out a junior role in Human Resources and rose to become an HR Manager in a major financial institution. It was during this transition that she’s found her true passion – financial planning, where Stacey gets to wake up every morning to help people and make a difference.


Date and Time: Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015, 2:30pm

Location: 4150 Finch Ave E. Toronto ON M1S 3T9