Free Weekend Seminar Dec 05: Dress for Success

Dress for Success


Your image will propel you forward or hold you back. Find out what it takes to present a polished, professional and powerful image for any business interview or function. 

This session will be interactive, informative, inspiring, and conducted in an environment that is supportive, relaxed and fun.  You’ll get strategies for colour, style and wardrobe that you can use for a lifetime, potentially saving you thousands of dollars from wardrobe blunders.

Come and bring your husband, wife and friends to see how they’ve been doing with their images in the eyes of an expert.

Seminar Dress CodeIn order to get professional advice from Ms. Brunger, please wear your best career-boost outfit to the session, but do not buy anything new!


Speaker Bio:

Karen Brunger is an award-winning Certified Image Professional, author, international speaker, and regular media guest expert.  For over 3 decades Karen has optimized the appearance, behavior and communication of thousands of professionals. Their reported results include achieving doubled and tripled incomes, desired job positions, more and better relationships, success in romance, and expanded levels of self-esteem and confidence.  Her systems are now being used in over 70 countries.


Date and Time: Saturday, December 05, 2015; 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Location: 4150 Finch Ave E., Toronto, ON M1S 3T9.  Free Parking.

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