Free Weekend Seminar Jan 23, 2016: 3D Printing in Engineering

Selective Laser Sintering is a 3D printing technology that offers a cost effective alternative manufacturing process to machining and molding for end used parts. To take advantage of the capabilities of the technology, designers need to learn the key factors to consider when designing a part that will be used as final product in an assembly.

Some of the topics will be covered in this session:

•When to choose the SLS for end used part;
•How to guarantee the parts structural integrity;
•How to design for minimum weight;
•What are the achievable tolerances;
•Presentation of a number of very interesting and innovative cases for End of Arm Tooling and Jigs & Fixtures and Pick n Place.

Speaker Bio:

As the owner of a Manufacturing Consultants Corporation,Mr.Tharwat Fouad is the inventor of the first optical solids flow meter – a breakthrough in solids flow measurement. He also holds several other patents in the powder handing industry. Tharwat has managed in the Billion dollars range in several manufacturing industries including Chemical Process Automation, Consumer Good, Food and Beverage, Automatic Packing lines, Logistics & Material Handling, Spray Drying Towers and Pharmaceutical.


Date and Time: Saturday Jan 23rd, 2016; 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Location: 4150 Finch Ave E., Toronto, ON M1S 3T9.  Free Parking.