Harvard Student Jason Qu Will Be the Keynote Speaker for the 5th CPAC Education Day

On October 27th, 2012 Education Foundation of Chinese Professional Association of Canada will be hosting its 5th Annual Education Day. Building on the success of past Education Days this year’s event promises to connect more students to educational opportunities that best suit their aptitudes and career goals. The event will be held at Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School in Scarborough.

CPAC Education Day sponsored by HSBC Bank Canada is one of the largest education events held annually in the immigrant community drawing more than 2,000 students, parents, and educators. The event’s objective is to create awareness and provide information about the Canadian education system and its available services to the families of newcomers.

Harvard Student Jason Qu will be the keynote Speaker for the 5th CPAC Education Day. His keynote speech is “What’s Your Vision?: Character, Creativity, and Citizenship for Academic Success”.

Short introduction of the keynote speech:

Good grades and hard work are no longer enough to succeed in school or in the workplace, especially for Asian students. This presentation will argue that the North American education system is not a classical meritocracy, and that a single-minded focus on academic achievement may be harming Asian students both inside and outside of the classroom. The speaker will address the importance of character, creativity, and good citizenship in the academic context, and will explore strategies to help students develop and demonstrate these qualities as part of their academic experience. The overall theme of this presentation will be the importance of having “vision”: a vision of who you are, and of how you can contribute to your community.

Bio of the keynote speaker:

Jason Qu is a graduate of the University of Toronto and a second-year student at Harvard Law School, where he serves as an editor of the Harvard Law Review. Before law school, Jason was employed by the University of Toronto to develop and implement student-led sustainability initiatives on campus. Jason has spoken previously on the importance of student leadership and community engagement.

Facts about the 5th CPAC Education Day 2012:

  • Time: Saturday      10 a.m. to 4 p.m. October 27th , 2012
  • Venue: Mary      Ward Catholic Secondary School (3200 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, NW corner      of Kennedy & McNicoll)
  • Admission fee: CAD$10/family(including free lunch)
  • Complimentary      tickets: Pick      up complimentary tickets at participating HSBC branches and CPAC office or      register online at cpaceday2012.eventbrite.com/      to get complimentary tickets.

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