Help Preserve History – Support the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), scheduled to open its doors in September 2014 in Winnipeg, is the first museum solely dedicated to human rights. It will be a national centre for human rights learning, exploring the subject of human rights, with special but not exclusive reference to Canada. It aims to enhance understanding of human rights, promote respect for others, and encourage reflection and dialogue.  Educational programs will be curriculum-based, inclusive and accessible, using a diverse range of activities, events and tools—inside and outside the Museum.  A national students’ program, now in development, will ultimately bring students to Winnipeg from across Canada and around the world for more in-depth learning about human rights using an experiential approach.

The Chinese Community in particular needs to be part of the CMHR, not only because human rights are universal but for the Chinese Community in Canada, the road to equality has been a long struggle.  Many Chinese immigrants risked their lives in the 1880s to help build Canada’s railroad, after which Canada just wanted them gone.  Over the century, Chinese-Canadians continued to struggle through the Chinese Head Tax, Chinese Immigration Act, as well as personal attacks and job discriminations.  While the Canadian government finally apologized for past wrong doings to all ethnic Chinese, future generations of Chinese should never forget what happened.

When Chinese Canadians lobbied the federal government for equal rights as citizens, the community was supported by many other human rights groups.  Today, Chinese-Canadians are an integral part of Canada’s multicultural society.

As a leading force in the Chinese Community, CPAC feels it’s important to educate all Canadians about the Chinese Canadian’s struggle for human rights, and to help other countries and communities to be treated as fairly, and urges our members to contribute to this worthy cause.

Championed by Dr. Vivienne Poy, a member of the Friends of CMHR Advisory Council (Friends), the Chinese Canadian community would like to raise $2 million before May 30th, 2014.    Friends has agreed to recognize support from the Chinese Canadian Community within the Breaking the Silence Gallery, one of 11 galleries in the museum.

No donation is too small.  Any donation over $15 will receive an official tax receipt.  Donors who contribute $10,000 or more will be included on the Museum’s donor wall. “The Chinese Canadian Community has been struggling for human rights since 1858,” states Dr. Vivienne Poy, National Chair for the Chinese Canadian Community Campaign. “We have finally broken the silence and have asserted our rights here in Canada…  By each of us making a donation together, we are breaking the silence through our genuine support and creating a legacy for our community and for generations to come.”

To date, more than 7,700 donors from across Canada and around the world have contributed $142 million toward the $150 million private sector goal.  Dr. Poy has personally pledged $300,000 to support this initiative.

CPAC calls upon you to join Dr. Poy and others who care about human rights in supporting this meaningful undertaking. You can donate directly online NOW at the official website for the Chinese Community’s campaign,  Alternatively, please download this Pledge Form and send a cheque to the Museum.  Please write “Chinese Canadian Campaign” on the bottom of your cheque to indicate you are part of this campaign. Please include mailing address for charitable receipts.  After making your donation, please email to let her know that a donation has been made.

CPAC would like to thank you for your care and contribution to this cause. Together, we build a better society for all to live in with equity and respect.