High-Level Talents Team Construction in Zhuhai City

In order to carry out the spirit of the national and provincial talents work conference, further optimize the talents development environment of the city, and to create new advantages, combined with the present situation of Zhuhai, several observations on strengthening the development of High-Level Talents are as follows:

Overall Goal:

With the city development goals of the next five to ten years and based on the good use of existing talents and services, we should focus on the introduction and training of High-Level Talents for economic and social development and create a good environment for the growth of talents. In order to enhance the core competitiveness of talents and provide intellectual support, a group of academic and technical leaders, high-level creative talents, professional talents, high-skilled talents and R&D innovation teams is essential. For the “Taking the Lead in Transformation and Upgrading to Create of a Happy Zhuhai” plan, we will accelerate the construction of the core cities around the west bank of the Pearl River Delta.

Implementation of the “Seven Projects”:

  1. Accelerate transformation and upgrading by implementing the talents introduction project.
  2. Adhere to high-end leads by implementing the outstanding talents leading engineering project.
  3. Encourage innovation and investment by implementing talent development projects.
  4. Broaden recruitment channels by implementing projects for the attraction of overseas talents.
  5. Offer services to the strategic industries by implementing supporting projects.
  6. Strengthen talents training by implementing Young Talent cultivation project.
  7. Provide skills training by implementing talent development projects.

Supporting Measures:

  1. Establish a high-level evaluation system compatible with the industrial developments of Zhuhai. According to the city’s economic and social development environment and the need of talents with a connection with economic transformation, a Recognition and Evaluation System for High-Level Talents has been established. It is competency- and performance-oriented with an additional focus on social and professional recognition. A vibrant High-Level Talents team of good quality should be formed.
  2. Build a platform for the communication of High-Level Talents. Support the development of High-Level Talents associations, organize discussions centered on academic and experiential exchange and create conditions for High-Level Talents to keep pace with the world and enhance their abilities of self-development and self-management.
  3. Create a favorable environment for intellectual property creation and protection. Support High-Level Talents while they are applying for foreign patents and offer them assistance and services concerning intellectual property policies to encourage innovation and investment. Actively promote the commercialization and industrialization of innovative achievements. Rely on intellectual property court to provide legal protection for the intellectual property rights of High-Level Talents.
  4. Solve the housing problem for the High-Level Talents. The principles of government support, business guidance and social participation should be used to solve the housing problem.  The main part of the housing allowance should be monetary and supplemented with articles for daily use. The housing allowance system for High-Level Talents and Young Talents should have different levels.
  5. Actively promote employment for the spouses of High-Level Talents. In accordance with different spousal capabilities, both the employer and the employee should be satisfied with the working appointments of the spouses of High-Level Talents. Related departments will offer assistance if necessary.
  6. Comprehensive arrangements will be made for the schooling of the children of High-Level Talents. Educational administrative departments will make all the arrangements for the children of High-Level Talents who apply for compulsory and high-school education in our city.
  7. Improve the medical insurance system for High-Level Talents. Keep health records, open up green channels for medical services, provide convenient and thoughtful health care services, improve the level of medical care and offer medical subsidies for High-Level Talents.
  8. Improve the system of Supplementary Pension Insurance. Establish a Supplementary Pension Insurance system and improve pension insurance levels through the Enterprise Annuity and Group Pension Insurance provided by the government.

Work Requirements:

  1. Innovate the talents management system. Adhere to the principle of “The Party Manages Talents.” Establish the concepts of scientific development and talents with priorities and create a talent target responsibility system. Improve the coordination system, conscientiously implement the requirements of the Party and government and focus on resources and productive force. The performance evaluation should be taken into account in the scientific development evaluation system.
  2. Improve the talents development system. Governments at all levels should play a leading role and ensure the availability of funds for talents development with financial support from the city and the district. They should establish special funds of no less than 1% of the local general budget annually (the city and the district should each bear 50% of the cost). These special funds should be used for all types of awards, subsidies and supports for High-Level Talents.
  3. Improve the service system for High-Level Talents. Establish a High-Level Talents Service Window and green channel. Provide assistance to settle problems related to moving, Hukou, schooling for children, social insurance, immigration, application for business licenses, tax registration and tax relief, application for registration of high and new technology enterprises and application for subsidies for science and technology projects.
  4. Enhance the publicity for the introduction of talents. Enhance publicity through the media and commercial activities and establish an image of Zhuhai as a place for the introduction of talents. Create a good social atmosphere that encourages innovation and respects knowledge, talents, and innovation.


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