If you own the Professional Engineering License. Please contact us!

CPAC Mentoring for Professional Engineering Licensure is a program designed to help internationally trained engineers obtain license. Participants of the program will receive in-depth information on the application process, profession-specific language training as well as individualized support from mentors with P. Eng. This program is funded by the Government of Ontario.

Participants will be matched with mentors based on needs and professional background. Mentors will provide advice, guidance and hands-on assistance to the mentees (participants) on every aspect of the application process through one-on-one or group mentoring. Technical support from PEO is available for both the mentors and mentees.

Currently CPAC has about 200 Professional Engineers in the Mentor Pool. As the program continues, we will need more Professional Engineers in various disciplines.

As a mentor, you don’t just make new friends with other Professional Engineers in different field, you actually can witness someone grow and succeed under your guidance. This is an extremely rewarding experience. The joy and satisfaction will far exceed the effort you put in. CPAC will provide training in leadership, management and communications, guidance and support for all volunteers. Join Us for Fun and Learning Opportunity!

If you are a professional engineer and wish to share your own experience with others, please contact: Miss He: 416-298-7885 ext. 103; or lilyho@chineseprofessionals.ca