Know Your Child’s Potential: Providing the appropriate guidance

How to know your child’s potential and provide the appropriate guidance? How to set up a great parent and child relationship from childhood to adulthood? How to prepare kids for jobs of the future? Please come to attend October 24’s CPAC Education Day (Limited spots! Pre-register for the event at: and listen to this seminar:

Know Your Child’s Potential: Providing the appropriate guidance

Speakers: Emil Boychuk, Amelia Ng

This seminar provides information about every kid has potential–gifts and talents that with attention and practice become strengths and the foundation for a meaningful life and career.  How parents and the community have the wonderful opportunity and responsibility to guide and support their kids–to help them grow with confidence, develop and flourish. Learn ways to recognize and appreciate their personality and character strengths, learning styles, interests, values and what they are passionate about. Explore the importance of the parent and child relationship from childhood to adulthood independence for nourishing their growth in maturity and understanding of responsibility. Receive tips on how to prepare them for jobs of the future and exponential changes in the world of work.

Emil Boychuk is a teacher and guidance counsellor with over 30 years of experience. He is dedicated to helping youth and their parents with educational and career life planning for all pathways of opportunity. In our changing world he emphasizes the importance of being “future looking.” He does individual career counselling and frequently presents workshops for students, parents and educators. He has received a number of counselling awards including the Career/Life Skills Resources Award for Excellence in Career Education from the Ontario School Counsellors Association.  Currently he chairs the Association of Career Educators of Ontario.


Amelia Ng has over 34 years in the Canadian Federal Government. She has tremendous experience with manufacturers, business operations, and government policies and procedures.  Amelia also has a great passion for youth education with experiences such as 14 years on the Parents Advisory Council of McKee Public School, a mentor at Upper Canada College, and a core member of the Association of Career Educators that specializes in career development in today’s youth.

She is very familiar with the Montessori, IB, AP and the TOPS Programs.  She believes that children can mature into understanding adults through well-rounded training and an enriched life of varied experiences.  She is a strong believer of helping kids to discover their potential and find their passion through learning.

Information about the 8th CPAC Education Day

The 8th CPAC Education Day will be held on Saturday, October 24th, 2015 at a public secondary school in North York (100 Princess Avenue, North York, ON M2N 3R7). All parents and students are welcome at this free event.

The goal of CPAC Education Day is to help immigrant families understand the education system and prepare their children for their academic future. The event allows parents to make informed decisions through the advice of exhibitors and experienced speakers. Many schools and educational institutions will exhibit on site and provide mini-information sessions. A keynote presentation and three breakout workshops will be tailored to the needs of parents and students.

CPAC Education Day is comprised of a Conference and Education Info Fair. Many colleges, universities and education-related service providers will attend this year’s event, offering ample opportunities for participants to learn everything they want to know about Canadian education.

Education Day 2015 is free to the public. The seats are limited. Please register online at as earlier as possible . At the event, registered participants will enjoy a free snack.

Date:           Saturday, October 24, 2015

Time:          1:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Location:   100 Princess Avenue, North York, ON M2N 3R7(closest subway station-North York Centre)

Enquiries:  416-298-7885 Ext. 101


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