“My Story with CPAC” Announcement

This year marks the 20th anniversary of CPAC, and we would like to bring the celebration to the entire community!

Since its establishment in 1992, The Chinese Professionals Association of Canada (CPAC) has grown from an organization formed by 5 members from Mainland China to an organization with about 27000 members. CPAC continues to represent and to assist internationally trained professionals in gaining recognition, cultural integration, career advancement, and civic engagement in Canadian society through quality service and advocacy. After 20 years, CPAC has become a home for professional immigrants in Canada.

Many of CPAC’s members and participants have found success by joining various training and mentor programs to help professionals return to their line of work. CPAC also owes its success to their volunteers, members, and professional mentors who are passionate about helping the community and assisting new immigrants.

This year, CPAC will select 20 inspirational stories for our CPAC 20th anniversary celebration to share with our members and participants. Are you a long time member who has witnessed the growth of the organization through hard work and dedication? Or are you a committed volunteer who has helped countless new immigrants to settle down in Canada? If you have a story, we’d like to hear it! Once your story is selected, you will receive an exclusive gift commemorating our anniversary celebrations, on behalf of CPAC.

The stories and photos that we will be selecting for our 20th Anniversary are:
1. Inspirational stories from our CPAC members, board members and founders;
2. Tales of participants who have taken part in various training programs provided by CPAC, and how the programs were able to help them receive professional license, found a job, enhance language ability, improve leadership skills, etc.
3. CPAC members who have received CPAC membership benefits, e.g. Saved money by getting group rate of TD Insurance Meloche Monnex, BMO-CPAC credit card holder, HSBC’s benefit package for newcomers, etc.
4. CPAC annual event participants that enjoyed these activities, such as Professional Day, Education Day, Summer Festival, Children Drawing Contest, AGM, Members Day, New Year Dancing Party, etc.
5. People who benefited from CPAC Internationals Exchange Program, e.g. successful stories of going back to China and establish his/her own business, etc.
6. Award recipients from CPAC Award Gala (student awards and professional awards)
7. Volunteers of CPAC;
8. Any interesting and inspiring stories and photos that related to CPAC.

Submission method:
E-mail your story and photos to txu@chineseprofessionals.ca (Please leave your name and phone number, with the subject “Submission: My CPAC Story”)

Submission period: June 10th to August 10th 2012