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Class of 2014 (CPAC LDP) will start its training on March 22, 2014.  Following the success of the program in the past three years, the CPAC LDP continues to serve the increasing needs of immigrant professionals looking for career advancement.

The following topics are some of the highlights of the CPAC LDP for 2014:

  • Key attributes that good managers need to have in the North American workplace
  • Secrets of motivating and influencing staff and senior management
  • Strategies for problem-solving & decision-making
  • Practical tools and techniques for facilitating effective meetings
  • Skills needed to manage workplace conflict
  • In-depth analysis of leadership styles and importance of understanding individual personality

The curriculum of CPAC LDP is customized for internationally trained professionals based on their knowledge and skill gaps and is geared toward helping them develop and utilize their skills to their full potential in the North American workplace. This is a unique and first of its kind in the immigrant community.

Program instructors include HR directors, senior consultants, executive advisors and university professors from well-known consulting/training companies and Canadian educational institutions. 

In addition to in-class training, mentoring is a value-added component of the program. Participants will be matched with mentors from a wide range of industries, including finance, IT, engineering, consulting, government, etc. They are CEOs, Senior VPs, or Directors who have years of senior management and professional experience, as well as valuable insights into their respective industries that they will share.

Exclusive to the graduates of the CPAC LDP, the CPAC Leadership Club serves the needs of its members for continuing development of leadership skills, sharing of learning experience and network building. The club offers a series of professional development activities and events to its members throughout the year.

The uniqueness of the CPAC LDP lies in its three component structure: in-class training, mentoring and the leadership club, which constitute an all-round, continuing learning and growing platform for internationally trained professionals to advance their careers and become leaders in Canada.

CPAC LDP has helped more than 60 internationally trained professionals successfully move from technical roles to management positions or from junior roles to the higher management positions since its inception in 2011.

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                          This program is subsidized by CPAC and TD Bank Group

Program Length:    Six days training over six week-ends (March 22 – May 03 excl. the Good Friday weekend)
Time:                        Every Saturday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Registration fees:   $1195 plus HST for CPAC members and $1395 for non-CPAC members
Location:                 CPAC Conference Hall; 4150 Finch Ave E. Toronto, Ontario M1S 3T9

Lunch and refreshments are provided for all training sessions.        

For registration or more information: please call Lily He, Project Manager at 416-298-7885 ext. 103; or email:    

Session Topics:

Pre-training AssessmentIndividual Personality and Leadership Style

Module 1   Identifying your Leadership Styles & Strengths

Module 2   How to be a good manager in North America

Module 3   Problem Solving and Decision Making

Module 4   Workplace Conflict Management Skills

Module 5   Tools and skills for facilitate all types of meeting

Module 6   How to be heard and influence your manager and your team