Proposal for Cooperation with Renowned Technical Colleges, Training and Accreditation Organizations

1. Cooperation between local and renowned overseas technical colleges

• Local technical colleges: Jiangmen Technician College; Xinhui Advanced Technical College; Taishan Technical College

• Requirements for cooperative colleges:
(1) It should be an internationally renowned or influential polytechnic college.
(2) It has a well-established education system and rich instructional experiences with emphasis on scientific and technical subjects.
(3) It has full-time instructional students and has the accreditation to issue professional technical certificates.

• Cooperation Methods: Exchanges of teaching faculty, communication in academic research, joint establishment of new subjects, study exchange for students, authorization of graduates’ diplomas, etc.

2. Introduction of internationally renowned accreditation and authentication organizations

• Requirements:
(1) Advanced standards: The introduced accreditation and authentication should reflect relevant internationally advanced techniques and standards.
(2) Standardized operations: The organizations should have strict and effective system of quality assurance.
(3) Complemented professions: The introduced organizations should have the potential to develop burgeoning and high-end projects with authentication and accreditation, meeting with the industrial demands.
(4) Professional certificates: The organizations should issue internationally recognized certificates or professional diploma for the subjects.

• Authorized or Accredited projects:
(1) Authorization organization for advanced welding certificates with an emphasis on rail transit or shipbuilding;
(2) Authorization organization for electronic and electrotechnics, oriented towards new energy and new light source for famous Chinese entrepreneurs.
(3) Authorization organization for vehicle construction and maintenance with an emphasis on automobile manufacture.
(4) Authorization organization for inspection and test of food quality.
(5) Authorization organization for other newly emerging industries.

• Cooperation methods: (1) setting up branches in Jiangmen; (2) operating jointly, and (3) entrusting, etc.

3. Introduction of internationally renowned training organizations

• Requirements: renowned and influential in professional training; those who have employee training for global top 500 business will be favored.

• Cooperative projects: automobile manufacture and maintenance, electromechanical, numerical control and molds, electrical engineering and electrotechnics, green optical energy (LED), etc.

• Cooperative method: various forms of cooperation with provincial public training center for advanced technicians, technical colleges, Jiangmen vocational training institutes.

Human Resources and Social Security Bureau,
Jiangmen Municipality, Guangdong Province
May. 28, 2012

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