Recuiting Talented Youths to Join SPARK, CPAC’s New Youth Division

The Youth Division of the Chinese Professionals Association of Canada, SPARK, is a youth-run organization intended to prepare today’s youths to be the professionals of tomorrow. It focuses on providing educational events and leadership events for all its members.

Currently, SPARK is looking to expand its executive network through recruiting event coordinators, promotion coordinators, and communication coordinators (please find details about each position below). We welcome applications from grades 11-12, as well as freshmen university students. This is a great opportunity for youths to develop and practice their skills, network with like-minded youths, and participate in a wonderful initiative to benefit the community.

All applicants are to be interviewed by the Director and evaluated on a number of categories, including academic standing, personal skills and qualities, interests and past experience. Moreover, all applicants will be recruited through a non-biased, merit based system.

The application is due Saturday, September 30, but applications will be screened on a rolling basis. Selected applicants will be contacted for interviews. Please send all applications and direct all questions to Angela Chen at: .

To apply, please submit:

l   Resume

l   Transcript

l   Letter of intent, including what makes you an outstanding candidate for the SPARK executive team (word limit 500 words)

l   Respond to the following quote: “The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least” (word limit 300 words)


What SPARK looks for:

SPARK looks for the following qualities in our applicants:

l   Passion

l   Motivation

l   Persistence

l   Leadership potential


Additionally, SPARK wishes that applicants possess the following skills:

l   Innovation

l   Communication

l   Creative thinking

l   Strategic planning


Detailed Descriptions of Positions Available

Events Coordinator (x2)

The Events Coordinator is responsible for booking locations, planning events with the Executive Team, managing on-site logistics during events and pre-event logistics. CPAC Youth Division will strive to find a mentor for the Events Coordinator Role, to give advice on how to approach event planning. The Events Coordinator is responsible for preserving the image of CPAC Youths and CPAC with top-quality events.


Promotion Coordinator (x2)

The Promotion Coordinator is responsible for marketing, creating organization awareness and recruiting members through personal networks, social media, and various other methods, including CanYouth and Canadian Charities. The Promotion Coordinator is also responsible for ‘branding’ CPAC Youth Division with the mentors and the Director.


Communication Coordinator (x1)

The Communication Coordinator is responsible for all internal communication and will help the Division Director with external communication. He/She will attend all meetings, make summary notes, aid the Director with press releases and agendas, draft all invitation and thank you letters, and help with all communications work. The Communication Coordinator will work closely with the Director, especially in the first few years of CPAC Youth Division operation.