RN/RPN Mentors Recruiting

Do you want to strengthen your coaching and leadership Skills?

Mentoring program can provide you with the opportunity to work with individuals from different backgrounds with different personality types.

The role of a mentor is to offer valuable skills, knowledge and insights to help someone else who is trying develop his/her career.

You don’t just make new friends, but you actually can witness someone grow under your guidance. It can be an extremely rewarding experience. The joy and satisfaction will far exceed the effort you put in. CPAC will provide training, guidance and support for all mentors. So, please don’t wait, come forward and help.

CPAC has about 500 professionals in the mentor pool with different disciplines. CPAC Health Care Mentoring Program needs more mentors who can contribute in nursing profession.

If you are a RN or RPN in Ontario and wish to share your own experience and help others, please join us for fun and learning opportunity!  Please contact: Lily by 416-298-7885 ext. 103; or email: lilyho@chineseprofessionals.ca