Statement from CPAC on the Atlanta Shootings and Anti-Asian Violence across North America

Statement from CPAC

on the Atlanta Shootings and Anti-Asian Violence across North America 

March 20, 2021


CPAC condemns the senseless murders in Atlanta, Georgia that took the lives of eight people, of whom six were Asian women.

We are deeply saddened and troubled by the brutal attacks on innocent lives and offer our sympathy and thoughts to the victims’ families who mourn their heartbreaking loss.

These acts of violence came at a time when the Asian communities across North America have already been suffering from all forms racist attacks and discrimination brought to the forefront by COVID-19. This recent string of attacks on Asian businesses and Asian workers has further compounded our pain and makes our communities even more vulnerable. It is further evidence that racism is not only harmful but also deadly, and that immediate measures must be taken to prevent further loss of lives and division of our society.

We want to emphasize that the attacks that happened in Atlanta could also happen in Canada. There has been an alarming rate of increase in hate crimes against Asians in Canada in the past year, and violent attacks on Asian Canadians continue to happen across Canada.

We call upon leaders of all levels of government and public institutions, business leaders and the media, to treat the issue of anti-Asian racism seriously and take concrete steps to combat racism and institute policies and practices of equity, diversity and inclusion.

We also call upon all Canadians to speak out and act against any form of racism and hatred, and support legislation and measures addressing racial discrimination, white supremacy, hate crimes and hate speech in Canada.