Support Canadian Healthcare Workers—CPAC Calls for Donations

Dear Friends,

Not long ago, when Wuhan was under attack by the coronavirus, we acted by donating money and sending medical supplies for the frontline hospital workers there, through the “Canada for Wuhan” campaign.

Today, the battlefield has shifted to Canada and around the world. As Covid-19 continues to spread in communities across Canada, hospitals are facing a shortage of protective equipment to protect our doctors, nurses, staff and volunteers. It’s time we do something for our country and support our Canadian healthcare workers.

Therefore, we appeal to you to give again. This time, all funds raised will be used to support healthcare workers in Canada.

To make a donation, please go to:

If you require a charitable donation receipt, please send an email with your donation amount and official name and address to

Thank you for your love, care and generosity. A final report will be provided at the end of the campaign.


CPAC and CPAC Foundation Team

[CPAC and CPAC Foundation work together in fundraising and serving the immigrant professionals community and advocating on issues important to Chinese Canadians. In addition to their main mandates, the organizations have raised funds for the relief of such disasters as the Toronto Van Attack, the Fort McMurray Fire, the Indian Ocean Tsunami and the Sichuan Earthquake.]