The 13th CPAC Summer Festival Children’s Goods Flea Market Family Booth Offer

Do you have children in the family? Children grow so fast that parents always have trouble deciding what to do with all the “stuff” that their children no longer need or use. Now we offer you an opportunity to clear up your closets, dressers and toy boxes and make some extra money at the same time.  Come and join us at the 13th CPAC Summer Festival and register a booth at Children’s Goods flea market.

CPAC Summer Festival is a full day event filled with fun and entertainment for the whole family.  In addition to participating in the flea market, you can also attend parent-child sports tournaments, enjoy 5-hour long, entertaining performances, have the chance to get giveaways and gift bags and even win lucky draw prizes. Come and celebrate Canada Day with other 5,000 people on June 25!

Please see below the terms and conditions for renting a booth at the flea market:

1. Thirty booths will be available. Please fill out the online application form and get the pre-approval from the organizers. Then you will get a confirmation email with a link to the payment page.  Upon paying the $10 administration fee, your booth is reserved for you. Availability is on first-come first-served basis your payment is received. No refund shall be made in any circumstances including inclement weather conditions. Each family booth will receive a book with a value of $10 or more as a token of our appreciation sponsored by Chinese Book City.

2. The booth area is 8 x 8 feet. The booth location will be assigned by the organizer on the event day. Participating families should bring their own mats or tables to display their goods and also prepare their own price tags, wrapping paper, bags and other items.

3. Booths shall not be used for commercial purposes. Please sell used merchandise only. The event is not intended for selling new merchandise. (Unopened and odd item with the original price tag is acceptable.) Please remember that the event is for selling maternity, baby and children’s items ONLY!

The following are typical items to be sold or exchanged:  toys, books, CD’s; DVD’s, baby equipment, maternity clothes and products, etc. All kinds of balloons shall NOT be sold or given away at the event!

Conditions of goods: Please ensure that items with safety regulations (i.e. car seats, cribs) are in good working order and meet current safety standards. If you still have the manual and instructions, please bring them with you, and provide them to your buyers. Car seats for sale or exchange should have been manufactured within the past six years.

4. All booth renters manage their own booths and keep 100% of the proceeds. You shall also be responsible for cleaning and removing unsold items and disposable of all garbage.

5. Liability and Indemnification: The organizer shall not be responsible for the personal safety of the booth renter from injury, nor the safety of the property of the booth renter from theft and damage.

The booth renter agrees to indemnify and hold the Organizer, City of Toronto and all its agents harmless from any liability claims, damages, costs, expenses or lawyer’s fees arising from the Exhibitor’s business activities performed under the Agreement, including injuries to third parties, the booth renters or customers and any property damage that may occur to inventory owned, leased, operated or in the booth renter’s possession.

6. Photo/video Waiver: The organizer or the media may have photographers on site to take photos/ video of the event.  Booth renters hereby consent to the use of photos/video for non-commercial purposes by the organizer and the media.

Overview of the 13th CPAC Summer Festival

CPAC Summer Festival is an annual event that CPAC, along with 20 other organizations, hosts to celebrate Canada Day with thousands of participants from various communities. This is one of the largest outdoor and family-oriented events in the Chinese community and is partially funded by Canadian Heritage.

The CPAC Summer Festival is held in a carnival format with a variety of programs, games, and entertainment for multi-generational families. Activities include cultural performances, family activities, ethnic food vendors and much more. This year’s Festival will focus on family fun, featuring parent-child sports tournaments, a flea market of children’s items, giveaway gift bags, and lucky draws. In previous years, we had over 5,000 people participating in this single-day event.

Date & Time:  Saturday, June 25th, 2016, 11:00am-5:00pm,

Location:          L’Amoreaux Sports Complex, Parkland, Picnic Area A & Shelter,

3079 Birchmount Road, Scarborough, M1W 2G1

(South-East Corner of Birchmount/McNicoll)

Admission:      Free to all community members

More information about the 13th CPAC Summer Festival