The 9th CPAC Education Day Helps Hundreds of Students for Better Academic and Career Planning

October 31, TORONTO – CPAC Foundation successfully held its 9th Education Day in North York last Saturday. With 18 educational institutions participating, a keynote presentation and four info-packed seminars, the event attracted more than five hundred parents and students from GTA’s immigrant community interested in gaining useful information about the Canadian education system and specific tips on education & careering planning, and the process of post-secondary school application.

CPAC Education Day is one of the largest education-based events for the immigrant communities in the GTA, with a goal to help immigrant families understand the Canadian education system and prepare their children for their academic and career future.

“At the CPAC Foundation, we believe education is a key to a successful and prosperous future.  Choices made today affect the outcomes of tomorrow for future generations.  We are proud that, since its inception in 2008, Education Day has provided thousands of students and parents with practical, valuable information to help them make informed decisions,” said Mr. Richard Lim, President of CPAC Foundation.

A major highlight at Education Day was the keynote presentation by Principal Kim Fedderson of Lakehead University’s Orillia Campus where he explored the changing post-secondary environment and what parents and students could do to foster student success.

Education Day comprised multiple info sessions and an exhibition area attended by many Ontario-based universities and colleges, education service providers, and university student clubs, giving the audience ample opportunities for face-to-face engagement on student life. In addition, experienced educators and students with relevant insights participated in four workshops with topics such as High-Proficiency Studying, Interest-based Education and Career Planning, Choosing Schools and Programs, and Applying to Medical School.


Please click here to download the speakers’ slides:

Keynote speech: Student Success in Today’s College & University

Breakout sessions:

1. High-Proficiency Studying

2. Interest-based Education and Career Planning

3. Choosing Schools and Programs

4.  Applying to Medical School


Photo Gallery:


[CPAC Eday01] Group Photo at the 9th CPAC Education Day

From the left: Ms. Bess Song, CPAC Board Member, Mr. Eric Xiao, CPAC President, Dr. Kim Fedderson, Principal of Lakehead University’s Orillia Campus, Keynote Speaker of the 9th Education Day, Mr. Richard Lim, President of CPAC Foundation, Ms. Helen Cao, CPAC Board Member

[CPAC Eday02] Principal Kim Fedderson of Lakehead University’s Orillia Campus presented the keynote speech at the 9th CPAC Education Day.

[CPAC Eday03] [CPAC Eday04] More than 500 participants attended the keynote presentation at the 9th CPAC Education Day.

[CPAC Eday05] Mr. Richard Lim(right) presented an Appreciation plaque to the keynote speaker, Kim Fedderson(left).

[CPAC Eday06] [CPAC Eday07] [CPAC Eday08] The 9th CPAC Education Fair attracted many students and parents.

[CPAC Eday09] The breakout session “High-Proficiency Studying” presented by Monica Xu, 2016 Ontario Top Scholar and Michael Xie, 2015 CPAC Scholarship recipient, highly welcomed by the participants.

[CPAC Eday10] The breakout session “Choosing Schools and Programs” presented by Shouyi Ma, CEO and Principal at Hanson Canada and Nicholas Shalagan, Manager of Co-op and Career Services, Hanson Canada

[CPAC Eday11] The breakout session “Interest-based Education and Career Planning” presented by Becky Robinson, Career Counsellor at Centennial College’s Career Services & Co-operative Education.

[CPAC Eday12] Peter Wang, Professor of Epidemiology, University of Newfoundland (MUN) presented the breakout session “Applying to Medical School” and answered participants’ questions after the session.