The class is full! Government Funded Program for Accounting Professionals

Looking for a Job in Accounting that Matches your Training and Experience?

Please check out CPAC Bridging Program for Internationally Trained Accounting Professionals

Funded by the Ontario Government, CPAC Bridging Program for Internationally Trained Accounting Professionals will help program participants obtain employment that allows them to make full use of their skills and experience, and further develop their potential. Also, the program will provide guidance on CPA assessment to those who want to pursuit the CPA designation.

CPAC, in partnership with Ryerson University, Seneca College and Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) Ontario, provides a bridging program to help internationally trained accounting professionals gain the core competencies needed to return to the accounting profession in Canada.

Courses and Services:
• Overview of Accounting in Canada
• Canadian Taxation
• QuickBooks1 & 2
• Workplace Culture and Communication
• CPA Assessment (optional)
• Job Search Workshops
• One-on-One Employment Counseling
• Job Placement/Matching

Eligibility Requirements
• Canadian citizen or permanent resident status
• University degree in accounting or related fields
• Minimum 3 years of professional experience in accounting
• CLB Level 7 or above
• Commitment to completing the program

To apply, please download the Application Form and submit completed forms and resumes to

Accounting Program Application Form


It was a wonderful experience for me to be a participant of CPAC Bridging Program for Internationally Trained Accountants. I came to Canada as an accounting professional but had little knowledge about the job market and the workplace in Canada. The bridging program equipped me with everything I need for the Canadian workplace and more importantly, helped me land my dream job. Thanks to the program, I have started my accounting career in Canada with McDougall and Grace LLP.
– Madhav Khanal,

My name is Zepure Nakkachian. I was working as a volunteer accountant with AWIC when I joined CPAC Bridging Program for Internationally Trained Accounting Professionals. This program was very helpful for my career as an accountant. I benefitted a lot through this program – I was able to upgrade my knowledge in accounting and taxation and had a work placement that enabled me to gain work experience and a job reference. This is the right program for internationally trained accounting professionals.
– Zepure Nakkachian

Enrolling in the program was one of the best decisions I made after coming to Canada. A few months after landing, I came across CPAC’s bridging program for internationally trained accountants. I was attracted to the program right away as I wanted to familiarize myself with the accounting and taxation requirements in Canada. The program had everything I expected. CPAC staff helped me a lot as I was going through rounds of job interviews. Eventually, I found the job as a senior auditor with MNP, a leading accounting, tax and business consulting firm in Canada.
– Edward Ortiz

This bridging program offered a good opportunity for me to connect with people with financial background. It was well organized and covered the basic areas in Canadian accounting and taxation. The program staff have been especially helpful for my job searching and always reached out to me with new ideas and opportunities, for which I am very grateful.
– Dong Daniel Chen

I highly recommend CPAC Bridging Program for Internationally Trained Accounting Professionals to newcomers with accounting background. This program updated me with the accounting and taxation knowledge that employers are looking for. The program also prepared me with a full set of job search, resume writing and interview skills. In particular, I would like to thank CPAC staff for supporting me whole-heartedly throughout my job search!
– Walker Chau